How to Get Rid of Spider Infestation?

 How to Get Rid of Spider Infestation?

As we all know many people hate spiders. In fact, they get irritated looking at spiders. Even though some spiders are harmless, there are some spiders, which can be dangerous to humans. Autumn has arrived, and along with the cool weather, invasion of spiders is also common. If you observe your home closely, you may observe spiders at the corners of your bedroom, kitchen or under tables or bed.

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What are the commonly found spiders in a house?

  • Giant House Spider: This type of spiders actually has the ability to bite. Even though they don’t cause any threat to human life, their bites can result in infection. They also run very fast. 
  • Daddy Long Legs Spiders: This type of spiders generally has long and thin legs. Just like the Giant house spiders, even these spiders can bite. You will experience a burning sensation on skin when they bite you. 
  • Missing Sector Orb Web Spider: This type of spiders is common in Britain during autumn. Besides, they look very small. They are not harmful to humans. 
  • Zebra Jumping Spider: This type of spiders is generally found on walls both indoors and outdoors during autumn. They enter into a house through the open windows and doors. These spiders have black and white marking on body.
  • Lace Web Spider: These spiders have brown body with yellow markings. Even these spiders bite, their bites can be very painful. You may experience swelling sometimes due to their bites. 

How to prevent spider infestation in your house?

  • Spiders like untidy places. Hence, make sure that you keep every room in your house very tidy. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean every corner of your house. 
  • Keep your windows and doors closed always especially during autumn to prevent spiders from entering into your home. 
  • Check if there are any gaps or cracks on the walls of your house because they can become a way for spiders to enter your home. Cover all the gaps, cracks, or holes if you find any on your doors or walls. 
  • Make sure that you keep your outdoor lights off. Some of the insects attracted to light acts as meals to spiders. 

Hire a good pest control service provider today to say good bye to the spiders in your house! 

Clare Louise

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