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How to get the most of your small bathroom?

If you want to remodel your bathroom, you must be worried about how to make the best possible use of the space. What is the point of remodeling the bathroom when you cannot expand? Well, bathroom remodeling Houston is fun. However, if your bathroom is small, there may be not much to change. Here are some small bathroom remodeling tricks to help you out:

Think about the important things first

The first thing to focus on when going for a bathroom remodel is to know what’s essential for you. Do you need a lavish spa like feel or a proper sink? Whatever you need just write it down and discuss it with the contractor.

If you need a shower/ bath together, it will use more space of your bathroom. So, for a small bathroom, it shouldn’t be recommended. However if a shower and sink both are your priority, then you can choose a corner sink. It is a great bathroom remodeling trick to free space that a pedestal sink will use. 

Shower curtains and sliding doors

A glass door is look, but it will move in and out rather than sliding taking up a lot of space. This is why shower curtain or sliders are used. Personalize them according to your style to get the best results. The best thing is that this trick will work with showers and bathtubs both and help you get the best of both the worlds.

Enjoy floating

If you have several small things to store, choose a floating vanity. Use the sink edge to place your toothbrush holder and other essentials. A floating vanity should be placed at a place to match with your height.

Keep things round

Sharp corners are not your friend, especially in a small bathroom. You may be getting poked and hurt every now and then. Hence always choose vanity and sink with round edges.

Bigger patterns

If you are content with your bathroom configuration, but your bathroom still feels small, you can go for wide pattern on the walls. The wide patterns exude the illusion of a larger bathroom. It will give it a bigger appearance.

Towel bars

Showers are refreshing. They open your eyes in the morning and prepare you for a hectic day. But, you still need to dry yourself off to go out. Keeping your towels a few feet away can give you a sudden cold air check. Hence, you can install towel bars outside the shower door and grab it quick to avoid the chills.

Big mirrors

Have you seen exercise gyms and dance classes? Do they feel ultra-big to you? Well, it is because of the large mirrors installed. You can use the same trick on your bathroom. In order to create the illusion of a big bathroom, add a large mirror to it.

Go for a wall-mounted faucet

A simple way to free up your space is to mount the faucet. Mounting allows the faucet to be narrowed down to any size. This bathroom design Houston is used in several bathrooms. It is also suitable for all themes.

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