How To Increase Your Energy Efficiency In Your Travel Trailer

 How To Increase Your Energy Efficiency In Your Travel Trailer

While it’s true that a travel trailer will require less energy usage than your typical residence, it can still get expensive trying to keep yourself comfortable in a year-round environment. Here are a few tips for cutting some expenses on your RV, and some are very helpful for the winter months.

Use Propane Conservatively

Propane is responsible for providing the energy you’ll need to use the stove or furnace. When possible, be aware of how much you’re using it and try to cut back. Instead of using the oven, you could cook a meal in a large crockpot powered by an electrical outlet. The most common travel trailers for sale have 20, 30, or 40-gallon propane tanks.

Add Insulation or Make It Better

Insulation is your best friend in the dead of winter or a midsummer day. Newer models usually already installed between the wall panels. If you own an older model, the upfront cost to replace old insulation with an upgrade will be worth your savings in the long run. Just like homes, modern RVs have evolved to be more energy efficient.

Turn Off The Lights

Turning off your lights in the RV while you’re not using them might sound simple, but it’s often neglected. You could significantly reduce the amount of energy used in your trailer by turning off the lights when you don’t need them. Use them only when necessary.

Opt For Energy Efficient Appliances

In 2019, almost any appliances sold are now marketing as energy efficient. Whether you’re getting a new refrigerator in the kitchen or any other device, choose the most energy efficient option. The initial cost may be a little more, but you’ll get the return on your investment with reduced energy expenses.

Follow these simple tips to get more energy efficiency in your travel trailer.

Teresa Martinez

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