How to Invest Safely in 2022

In this article we talk about what are considered safe investments or at least medium-low risk. The classification is not done according to my opinions, often at odds with common thinking, but it is structured according to what people commonly think. Reading, therefore, you will understand that I do not always agree with others and perhaps you will not agree with me either

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Very often interesting forms of time deposit are offered. Pay attention to the taxation, however, which on deposit accounts and current accounts has risen to 26%.

The stamp duty is different, due in a fixed amount on current accounts with stocks exceeding 5 thousand euros (34.20 euros) and a percentage (0.2%) on deposit accounts. Sometimes in these cases a higher gross rate is proposed, but pay attention to the two variables indicated to evaluate the net gain.

The deposit accounts have their security: up to 100 thousand euros there is the guarantee of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund and, therefore, there is no risk. They are also easy to understand: you know the rate immediately and there is not much else to do besides wait for the deadline. Investing safely with online accounts is possible by taking advantage of the main offers of the moment.

CBD Industry in Canada

Do you know that the CBD industry is a hot cake? Just like particular bonds on the market, CBD is growing also. Especially in Canada, you’ll see that it’s easy to invest in this industry. It’s allowed to buy weed online Canada and get it delivered by your door in a few days. So, the industry is growing and getting into the wagon before it’s late.

Government Bonds and Corporate Bonds

Bond investing is generally considered “safe” even if it is not always safe: I have emphasized this several times and I will never tire of saying it. Unlike the purchase of shares, you do not become a shareholder in a company but simply finance it in exchange for interest.

The rating: it is a summary of the soundness of the entity that issued the security; the higher the rating, the more the stock is deemed reliable by the markets; the more reliable the security is, the lower the risks that should be taken, at least in theory;

The interest rate: it is the annuity that the security guarantees; it can be disbursed on a regular basis (generally with a six-monthly coupon), or repaid upon maturity of the security; the higher the interest rate, the more the security is, strictly speaking, advantageous; be careful, however, because very high interests always correspond to very unreliable securities;

Currency: not all countries in the world use the euro as a currency for their government bonds; there are securities issued in local currency (which are very risky, because the exchange rate risk is added over time), both securities that are issued in dollars; if you are interested in exotic government bonds, it is one of the most important variables.

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