How To Keep Your Industrial Surface Usages Clean With Nasiol

 How To Keep Your Industrial Surface Usages Clean With Nasiol

As humidity increases, industrial work surfaces tend to get some level of damage. Other agents such as dirt, chemical pollutants, and even machine dust can contribute to this damage. The best solution remains to cover the surface with a superhydrophobic coating in order to protect and prolong the lifespan of such surfaces.

Thanks to nanotechnology, a lot of interventions have been devised to shield different surfaces from abrasive and corrosive materials. For most surfaces, water and other liquid chemicals are the most damaging. Thus, a hydrophobic protective layer can serve as the first line of protection against such agents.

The following are measures to take in protecting industrial surfaces from damage:

Keep surfaces clean: 

As much as possible, surfaces should be cleaned and wiped once work is finished. Spilled grease, glues and other chemicals should not be left for long after work. Use Nasiol grease and oil remover products to wipe surfaces clean.

Use hydrophobic coating material: 

The Nasiol product is designed to confer hydrophobic properties on the recipient material. The coating is made from composite materials, which provide low surface energy and roughness to allow liquids’ full rebound. This water-repellent property is useful in ultra-dry surface applications where thinness of material is necessary.

Use Nasiol superhydrophobic coating spray: 

Nasiol has a range of superhydrophobic sprays that are designed to make materials they are sprayed on water-repellent. These sprays are made from mixtures of different chemical compounds, including Manganese oxide polystyrene, silica oxide, zinc oxide polystyrene etc. The sprays last a longer time than wax or paints and can keep not just liquid out, but also dirt and grease.

The hydrophobic coating made from silica oxide is probably the most common because, at such price, it is the most cost-effective product. They are easy to purchase and can be applied either by a professional or through a simple DIY process.

Advantages of Nasiol superhydrophobic coating

  1. Better protection from water and other liquids
  2. A wide range of applications –industrial tools, medical equipment, and even textiles can be protected.
  3. Saves money you would have spent on fixing damages or regular waxing.
  4. Long life span. You can get over two years of protection from applying the spray only once.

Nasiol’s superhydrophobic spray is, no doubt, among the best out there to keep your industrial surfaces clean.


Chris Jorioso

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