How to Level A Concrete Floor

 How to Level A Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are durable and strong floors. However, concrete floors do not remain perfect forever. Depressions often form in rooms like basements and laundries. When depressions on the concrete floor are neglected, they cause structural problems for the building. Replacing the floor is an expensive and unnecessary solution. Modern concrete leveling compounds are easy to use and set quickly. You can easily level your concrete floor by yourself following a few simple steps.


  1. Safety gear including goggles, rubber gloves and, rubber boots
  2. Industrial drill with cement mixing paddle (You can rent one from Home Center shops)
  3. Concrete Grinder (You can rent one from Home Center shops)
  4. Vacuum Cleaner
  5. Concrete filler or sealer
  6. Concrete Leveler Primer
  7. Pain Tray
  8. Long-Handled soft-bristle brush or long-handled paint roller
  9. 5- gallon bucket
  10. Long-handled squeegee
  11. Hand trowel
  12. Self-leveling cement like the Rapidset concrete leveler
  13. Wet cleaning cloth


  1. Rent a concrete grinder and industrial drill with a cement mixing paddle from Home Center shops
  2. Remove all furniture from the room
  3. Wear safety goggles, rubber gloves and, rubber boots
  4. Use the concrete grinder to make the surface of the floor even
  5. Vacuum clean the room and remove all debris
  6. Put concrete filler or sealer into any cracks on the floor
  7. Pour the concrete leveler primer on the paint tray after reading the instructions of the manufacturer
  8. Use the long-handled brush or the long-handled paint roller to spread the primer evenly over the floor
  9. Work with the brush or roller till the coat of primer is evenly distributed all over the floor
  10. Leave the primer to dry. The primer will dry within four to twenty hours. Do not leave it to dry for more than a day.
  11. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before mixing the self-leveling cement compound like the Rapidset concrete leveler.
  12. Mix the self-leveling cement in the five-gallon bucket using the drill with the cement mixing paddle
  13. Pour the mixture on the floor. The mixture will be thin and will run to all ends of the floor
  14. Spread the cement evenly using the long-handled squeegee
  15. If the cement is forming a pool, you can use a trowel to make it even and to push the cement to the corners of the floor
  16. Once the floor is evenly coated with the leveling compound, leave the floor to dry.
  17. Mop up all the drips with a wet cloth

The manufacturer’s instructions will state the time needed for the compound to dry. The time required for the floor to dry will depend on the brand of the self-leveling cement compound. In most cases, you can walk on the floor within four hours. The best results will be if you leave the floor to dry for at least twenty-four hours. The time required for the compound to dry also depends on humidity and temperature. Test the flooring installation before placing furniture in the room. Sometimes the floor needs to dry for at least three days before furniture can be placed on it.

Leveling a concrete floor by yourself is not a very difficult task. When you see depressions in your old concrete floor, making the concrete level is a cost-effective and easy method of avoiding structural problems in the future. You need to use tools that are easily available for rent or in hardware stores and a good-quality self-leveling cement compound to get a durable and strong concrete floor.

Gill Daniel

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