How to prepare for RRB NTPC?

 How to prepare for RRB NTPC?

Railway Recruitment Board every year conducts an exam for hiring employees in Non-technical Popular categories (NTPC) in the month of April or May. This is the exam conducted for undergraduate and graduate posts. Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the exam was delayed, and applicants have gotten more time to study. The new RRB NTPC exam date has been released, to be December 15, and those applications accepted could be found from the website. A total of 1.4 lakhs vacancies in NTPC, Level 1, and Isolated and Ministerial category.

The Exam Pattern for RRB NTPC 2020

The RRB NTPC exam is divided into four categories: –

  • General Intelligence and Reasoning- 30 marks
  • General Science- 25 marks
  • Mathematics -25 marks
  • General awareness and Current Affairs- 20 marks

The exam is of a total of 100 marks, and all categories carry weightage. So, you have to decide on how you will start preparing for the exam.

Here are some tips and strategies you can follow to prepare and crack the RRB NTPC exam.

Understand the syllabus and Exam Pattern

The main aim of the exam is speed and Accuracy. It is crucial to solve the questions correctly but speedily. So, for that, understand the concepts and basics of the topics in each category. Then you can prioritize which subject you should start preparing for. If you are weak in a subject, allow more time for preparation in it.

Conquer the difficult topics

The topics which you are strong at can be revised later within limited time. But the topics which you find difficult must be taken up first. Prepare by preparing daily and brushing up the concept.

Fine-tune your concepts

Having a strong grip on your fundamentals is a must. If you have cleared the basic fundamental understanding, 30% of the work is finished.  Based on the basics, applicants can quickly solve difficult questions easily.

Speed and Accuracy

The exam is not meant to be forever. It is the test of speed as well. As per the timing and questions, each question has to be solved under 2 Minutes. Check on your timer as to how much time you take to solve a question. Practice and practice more to master the time.

Solving Online Papers and Mock tests

The online medium has opened several doors for easy learning. Yes, you can find books, papers, mock tests, everything easily on the internet. Make sure you solve RRB NTPC mock tests as many as you can. This will help you to ace the topics. You can also get check the solutions of questions you were not able to crack.

Make a study Plan

It is the first and foremost step while starting the study for the RRB NTPC exam.  Draft a plan of action as to how you will begin preparing for it. Which subjects and topics you must choose first? How much time to be allocated to each category daily? How do you tailor the study plan to your daily routine?  Prepare a strategy to practice on daily basis. Also, do not flood with each topic every day as that might hamper the preparation.


RRB NTPC exams are not very difficult to crack, but you require speed and accuracy for it. Make sure you keep a positive attitude towards learning. Also, try and read newspapers, remain updated on what’s happening globally, and solve the RRB NTPC Mock tests online every week. This way, it would be easy to crack the exam.  All the very best for the Exams!

Dom Charlie

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