How to Safely Send Bitcoin to Someone Else

 How to Safely Send Bitcoin to Someone Else

Do you want to send someone Bitcoin? Are you afraid you will lose it forever?

There are more than 220 thousand registered Bitcoin transactions per day. That’s a lot of people using Bitcoin to make payments.

It’s not as difficult as you might think. Sending Bitcoin has become easier as more and more people enter the space. There are now a lot more options available to the average user.

Learn how to send Bitcoin to someone in the safest possible way.

How Do I Buy Bitcoin?

You can buy Bitcoin using a cryptocurrency exchange. Be sure to use a reputable exchange that has strong security standards.

First, open an account online. Then you can fund the account by connecting your bank account or credit card. If you don’t want to use an exchange, you can buy Bitcoin using an ATM using local dollars. You will still need a wallet.

How to Send Bitcoin to Someone Using a Wallet

A Bitcoin wallet is a bit like a bank account. You send money from your wallet to another wallet. It’s a bit like sending an email bank transfer.

There are online wallets, software wallets, and physical wallets. An online wallet is on an exchange, like a bank. A software wallet is on your computer, created by software you’ve downloaded. A physical wallet is a piece of hardware, like a thumb drive.

To send Bitcoin to someone’s wallet, you will need their public wallet address.

The process to send Bitcoin using your wallet is fairly straightforward. Be sure to double-check at each step. If you accidentally put in the wrong information, your Bitcoin may be lost.

  1. The first step is to log in to your wallet and select send/receive
  2. Enter the public wallet address of the recipient
  3. Choose the amount to send. Be sure you have enough left in your wallet to pay fees
  4. Review your information and press send
  5. Double-check the transaction again, especially checking that their public address is correct
  6. Press send to complete the transaction

Use a Bitcoin ATM

This is a great option for sending Bitcoin to someone who isn’t experienced with Bitcoin transactions. They can choose to accept local dollars from the ATM instead of accepting Bitcoin.

They will still need a wallet, but you can create one for them. You will send them a QR code to use at the ATM to get the money. An ATM is the easiest way to send someone Bitcoin.

They will need to find a Bitcoin ATM. There are lots of Bitcoin ATMs all over the country and more are opening up every day. Here is the best Bitcoin ATM information to get started.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of sending someone Bitcoin varies depending on the exchange or the ATM. Be sure you check in advance of making your payment. That way, you can be sure you will have enough coin to pay the fees.

Send Bitcoin With Confidence

Now that you know how to send Bitcoin to someone without a wallet, you can choose the method that works right for both of you. Learning how to send a Bitcoin payment brings you one step closer to using cryptocurrency more often.

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