How to Set Guest Post Acceptance Criteria Standard High on Your Blog?

 How to Set Guest Post Acceptance Criteria Standard High on Your Blog?

Guest posting is a great technique among online marketers and bloggers to widen their exposure, and gain valuable backlinks. Guest blogging is preferred a lot over article marketing. It is because the exposure and quality links got from an authority blog are better than those attained from the article directories.

Getting guest posts for your blog with ease [free] is always appealing, but blog owners need to be careful, because unfiltered guest post submissions can unknowingly damage their blog credibility. 

You must have put in a lot of effort into creating a multi-author WP blog, which is why you must think of ways to automate the tasks. Don’t forget to use vital tools like the author box for WordPress to make it easier for you and your guest authors. 

After the latest Google updates, gaining quality links have become hard, so guest blogging has become an online marketers’ best buddies. However, for several blog owners, accepting guest posts can be the cause of slowly killing their blog. This doesn’t mean they must not agree to take guest posts. The solution is to set the acceptance criteria standard of the guest posts high.

How to set acceptance criteria standard of guest posts high?

Start with links

  • Never link with irrelevant niches
  • Set link limit [Maximum two] because too many get regarded as spamming
  • Diversify links like add a couple of outbound links from different domains because it ensures that the guest bloggers’ non-credible blog does not make your link appear like bad linking.

Content length

More than 1000 words means you get to cover detailed information. However, even 500 words can cover the minimum limit to deliver sufficient and meaningful information. Based on your niche, you can set the length criteria for the guest post submission.

Duplicate/spun content

Before you check guest post quality perform a CopyScape check to identify the content originality. 

Copied graphics

The same research applies to guest post images. There should be no copyrighted graphics added. It can get your blog penalized because guest authors make use of images from Google. It is bad!

Content quality

The blog administrators look at the title of the guest post submissions. Article quality means the content has to be original, offer great insight that increases your blog value. Posts that don’t offer value to the blog owners’ audience get rejected. 

Readability & errors

Readability scores can be checked on Grammarly because it is a crucial SEO factor. Correct spelling and grammatical errors are also necessary, which can get achieved with Grammarly. 


Use best author plugins like the Simple Authors Box Pro for your WordPress blog. It is a space where the guest blogger gets a chance to self-promote their brand and build credibility. Ensure that the content of the posts do not contain excessive self-promotion. 

Tips to find and maintain talented guest bloggers

  • For finding guest bloggers, you will need quality blog posts, active commentators, and participation on your blog. So, the first step will be to build an active community. Start making comments on other relevant blogs and respect each reader’s perception.
  • Add an author’s bio box plugin, where the guest author gets a chance to add their links. It even makes your visitors aware of your offer for guest posting. 
  • Create guest posting guidelines on a dedicated landing page of your blog.
  • Interact with guest bloggers frequently. You can follow them on social sites. Show your support they deserve it!

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