How to Set Up your Arlo Smart Home Security Camera

 How to Set Up your Arlo Smart Home Security Camera

Security is a basic human need and having a secure home is crucial to our well-being. A home security camera system like the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera is one of the most important investments you can make in the name of safety and protection. An excellent way to protect your home, this tool not only deters unwanted and unauthorised visitors but it also plays a role in documentation and recovery. In the event of a crime, footage from home security cameras may serve as solid evidence.

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If you recently purchased an Arlo security camera but are having trouble setting it up, we recommend going through your manual. You can also get in touch with their customer service staff for further assistance. However, if you are setting up and syncing your Arlo wire-free cameras with base stations to access salient features like USB storage and backup and the siren, then use the following steps as your guide.

Setting Up and Syncing Your Arlo Smart Home Security Camera

Note: Depending on where you purchased the camera, it may or may not come with a battery. Check with the store and purchase the battery first if no complementary battery is available.

1) Slide and hold the latch to unlock the camera battery.

2) To open the battery compartment, slide the battery door and lift it open.

3) Get the batteries you purchased and insert them in the allocated compartment.4) Measure 30 to 100 centimeters (1 to 3 feet) from the base station.

5) Mark the distance and place your camera there.

6) Start the syncing process:

  • For Arlo base station users – Locate the Sync button on the base station. You can find it either on the side or at the back. Press for two seconds before releasing. It will start syncing in no time.

    Note: Avoid pressing the Arlo wire-free Sync button for too long on the body of the base station. Beneath the USB symbol is a LED light that will flash an amber colour for around several minutes. This is not a good sign as this indicates a block in the sync process.
  • For Arlo Pro base station users – The steps are the same as above. Just find the Sync button and press it for two seconds. Release immediately and do not press excessively or beyond what is required.

7) The LED light will blink green, indicating a successful syncing.

8) Once more, locate the Sync button on the camera’s body and press for around two seconds and release right away.

Note: You cannot sync Arlo Smart Home Security cameras all at once. The sync process for each unit must be done one at a time.

9) If you see the LED light on the camera blinking blue, this confirms another successful synchronisation; much like the base station LED lights, an amber flash means the sync failed and you must go through the process again.

10) The base station’s camera LED will indicate whether the entire synchronisation process is complete; a solid green LED light on your camera base station means a complete syncing process and you must repeat this for each camera in your home security system.

Note: You have to complete the entire process within 60 seconds. If unable to do so, simply try again until you get it right.

Troubleshooting Arlo Home Security Cameras

What if you followed the instructions to a tee and still failed at every turn? These tips might come in handy:

1) Check your batteries

One reason your cameras and base station are not syncing properly is low battery life. There is not enough power to sync the cameras with your base station. Your battery icon will turn orange to signal a low battery status.

How to check your home security cameras for battery life:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the Arlo app or have access to the Arlo website. Login on either platform.
  • On the app, click the settings icon. If you access through the site, go to the Device Settings page. You will see your battery status.

2) Examine your base station

You may not have added the base station to your settings. The synchronisation process will not activate unless your base station appears in the system. Deactivating your base station also nullifies or prevents syncing.

How to check your base station or SmartHub settings:

  • Login through the Arlo app or Arlo website to access your station status.
  • Go to Setting and then click on My Devices
  • Select the right base station on the settings display.

3) Check the distance between your home security camera and the base station. Exceeding more than 3 feet may prevent or contribute to erratic syncing.

4) If you purchased a single-LED Arlo base station, a Sync button is not necessary. You will know that the syncing was completed if a blue LED light flashed instead of green.

5) Multi-LED base stations are the ones using a green LED light to signal a successful completion process and not blue.

The tips above are applicable to the following Arlo Smart Home security camera modes:

  • VMB3000
  • VMB3010
  • VMB3500
  • VMB4000
  • VMB4500
  • VMB4540
  • VMB5000
  • VMC4040P
  • VMC5040
  • VMC3030
  • VMC4030
  • VMC4030P

Your Next Step

Now that you know how to set up an Arlo Home Security Camera System and sync it with a base station of your choice, you are now ready to upgrade your home’s overall security. Protect your family and enjoy your home life without the discomforts of unwanted visitors. Home security cameras are a worthwhile investment that will keep you safe and protected for a long time. Make sure to invest in other security measures and maximise your protection.

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