How to Spruce up Your Home Office

If you find it difficult to concentrate and stay motivated while working from home, making some changes to your home office setup may help. Read on for some inspiration on how to transform your workspace into a haven of productivity.

Pick the Right Furniture

Are you working from your kitchen or dining room table, sitting in a chair that was designed for eating rather than working? Investing in a supportive office chair and spacious desk could make all the difference. You can find office furniture Sacramento in big-box stores, online or in thrift shops.


It can be hard to focus in a cluttered workspace, especially if the clutter is not work-related (think clothing, childrens’ toys and so on). Try setting aside a free evening or weekend day to go through some of the excess that has accumulated and decide what you are ready to toss or donate. As a quick fix, put the offending items into a few large storage bins so that they are out of sight and out of mind (at least during working hours).

Invest in a Standing Desk

One of the major advantages to working from home is that no one is physically watching you throughout the course of the day, so you have much more freedom to work in a way that suits your needs. A standing desk can stimulate creativity by allowing you more freedom of movement than a traditional setup. If you’re not ready to commit to buying one just yet, placing your computer on top of a stack of books or boxes is a good substitute.

Working from home has plenty of advantages, including the lack of a commute and a more relaxed dress code, but difficulty concentrating outside of an office space can be a major pitfall. Try implementing some of these changes to improve your focus and make your working hours more pleasant.

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