How To Sue For Worker’s Compensation Without Benefits

 How To Sue For Worker’s Compensation Without Benefits

When a worker is injured at the workplace, the first question that any employer or the insurance company will ask is for your compensation insurance. Workers who do not have a worker’s compensation are not eligible to claim compensation. 

However, if you consult your workers injury attorney, he or she will tell you otherwise. There are some situations under which a worker can claim for his or her compensation if injured at the workplace. 

If you are Injured Due to a Defective Product

To save money on buying new equipment or machines, employers usually get them repair. Some of them are repaired for a long time, while others are temporarily repaired. If the machine is still in use and breaks down while a worker on it, then the chances are that the worker will get injured. 

In such a case, the worker can claim his or her compensation even without insurance. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the working conditions are safe and secured for his or her workers. The worker can seek consultation with a workers compensation attorney to get detailed information on the same. 

If you get Injured Working with a Toxic Item

There are companies that work with toxic items or substances. If these substances or items come into direct contact with a worker, the worker can get injured or fall sick. These can be anything from benzene to radium. 

There two types of injuries while a worker is working with chemicals. One injury can be acute such as chemical burns or poisoning which can be cancerous and can be life-threatening. The other injury is latent, which means that the illness or injury gives the result slowly. The latent injury can be a difficult case, however, it is not impossible to win in such cases. 

A worker can also sue his or her employer if proper safety equipment or protective gear is not provided to them at their workplace which can lead to injuries and be can hazardous to health. 

If you get Injured while doing Office Work Outside Workplace

A worker can claim compensation if he or she has got injured while running an office errand outside the workplace. He or she can claim for an injury that happened due to an accident that took place due to the negligence of a third-party person. If you are not sure whether or not you can claim for the compensation, then seek consultation from your attorney. 

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