How to Take the Right Mindset to Deal with Obstacles and Approach Productivity

 How to Take the Right Mindset to Deal with Obstacles and Approach Productivity

You deserve to check off the goals on your list. In order to do that, you not only need proper planning but also the right approach. Obstacles will arise to impede your progress, but setting expectations and learning to deal with those obstacles will make the journey easier.

Here’s a guide to dealing with common obstacles to your productivity.

What’s the Big Picture?

This may be obvious to many, but this is the first step you should take. If you can’t see the target, you’ll have no idea whether you’ve hit your target or not.

What are you actually aiming to accomplish? You may have an idea of what you want to achieve and what your life may look like once you achieve it, but the key is to define exactly what your goals are.

Create a task list for the steps that you need. Set a series of milestones along the way to help you see how far along your path you are.

There’s nothing that can negate your progress like attempting to accomplish too much in a short period of time. All of us would love this kind of productivity but the reality is resources are limited. Give yourself room and time to achieve your goals.

Avoiding Busywork

Staying busy doesn’t always equal productivity. A common way to stay busy without as much productivity is to multitask.

Are you working on things that make you feel fulfilled and productive?  Everything you are working on should provide value and help you feel as though you are moving forward, otherwise, it is just busywork.

When constantly jumping from one task to another, you are not giving your full attention to any of those things. Focus on one task at a time, do it well, and move on to the next one.

Organization can prevent multitasking. Organize your tasks and organize the physical space around you. This can help you get organized mentally on what you want to achieve. It helps to have a clean workspace and to organize your tasks either with a list or in your schedule.

Avoiding Distractions

Distractions lead to poor productivity and more stress in terms of getting things done. You need the right environment to keep yourself on-task as scheduled.

Whether it’s a separate office or a spot at the table in a common area, create a space dedicated to working and productivity. When you enter the workspace, it can help put you in the right mindset.

Sometimes distractions are needed. Take regular breaks so you don’t exhaust yourself. However, be strict on making sure that you go back to work after the allotted time is up.

Handling Interruptions

Interruptions happen no matter what and they can derail your entire day despite your best attempts to avoid disruption.  When it comes to those interruptions, take them at face value and adapt as needed.

Whether it’s a family emergency, a power outage or a pipe bursting, some things are simply beyond our ability to control. Account for interruptions and emergencies by giving yourself a little extra time on each task. That way you aren’t automatically behind as soon as a small inconvenience comes your way.

Focus on what you can control in each situation and use that to move forward in your progress. Any small thing that can keep you moving forward is better than nothing.


Isaiah Stone is a digital analyst in the consumer goods industry. He is fascinated with productivity, business growth, and accomplishing more. He contributes content to sites like OAKFLOW and Growth Learner.

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