How You Can Make Your Household Chores Easier and Less Stressful

 How You Can Make Your Household Chores Easier and Less Stressful

If you dread crossing off items from your weekly list of chores, you’re not alone. In fact, numerous studies have shown that the stress of constant household chores can have a negative impact on your health. Although your chores have to get done, you don’t need to stress yourself out to do them! Here’s how you can quickly make your household chores easier and more manageable.

Outsource the Chores That You Enjoy the Least

Who says you have to push through chores that you hate doing? If you have a little space in your budget, you might consider outsourcing the chores you enjoy the least. For instance, you could hire home cleaners and use a dry cleaning pickup and delivery software instead of doing it all by hand.

Break Up Chores Into Timed Chunks and Get Family Help

Chores can sometimes drag on and take up too much time, so you might find it helpful to set a timer when you start working on a specific chore. For instance, dedicate 20 minutes and no more to dusting the living room. You can also get kids and other family members to help out. For children, in particular, having assigned chores can be developmentally beneficial!

Assign Each Chore to a Different Day of the Week

If you don’t have family members to help out with the chores or you don’t like having to set a timer, there’s another easy solution to help make your chores easier. Simply assign a different chore to a certain day of the week! For instance, you can do all of your vacuuming on Mondays, all of your laundry on Wednesdays and all of your dusting on Saturdays.

Household chores can take up a significant chunk of your free time and may even cause you to feel stressed or exasperated. Rather than live with the stress, simply follow these easy tips to simplify your chores routine and free up more of your spare time!

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