I’ll Never Buy Cuisinart Pieces Anywhere Else!

I am a pretty experienced home cook. While I wouldn’t call myself a pro by any means, I do have enough know-how to make pretty decent dishes for my friends and family. Of course, like most cooks I’m only as good as my equipment, which is why I treat my Cuisinart food processor like it’s one of my own children. 

Over the years, I’ve used a variety of cooking appliances and gotten a variety of results. The Cuisinart is by far the sturdiest food processor I’ve ever used, and it’s a regular part of my everyday cooking processes. So recently, when my processor bowl sustained a large crack, I knew I’d need to replace it right away. But the problem was this: I didn’t really want to buy a whole new machine. A new food processor can easily run you over $100, and as a mom of three that’s just not money I can spend lightly!

I found Kitchen Works, Inc. while searching for Cuisinart Food Processor parts online. I was glad to see that their products come directly from the Cuisinart warehouse, because then I can be sure of the quality of my replacement parts. I’ve had issues with shoddy quality or condition with replacement parts I’ve purchased before, but the bowl I purchased from Kitchen Works was in great condition.

I also loved the prices Kitchen Works offered for their food processor parts. I was able to replace my bowl for a much cheaper cost than buying a new machine, which is great for people on a budget like me! Shipping was fast, too — so fast that my kids and husband barely noticed that I was without my processor for a few days!

I was so impressed with the products and prices I found on Kitchen Works, Inc. I will be bookmarking their site and coming back to it the next time I need replacement parts or other kitchen tools.

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