Important information for your marriage license application

 Important information for your marriage license application

Once you have completed the application, both parties must appear together in our office to sign the license and pay the required fees before your marriage ceremony. If it is not convenient to visit the Clerk’s Office in the county where the marriage is to take place, you may apply for a license using a Non-Resident Marriage License Application-Affidavit form (fillable PDF). Marriage licenses are issued Monday – Friday, from 8:30, am to 4:30 pm. at the Clerk’s Office where it will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the form at our Marriage Computer Kiosk followed by a review of the application and administration of the required oath by a member of our staff.

To obtain a marriage license both parties need to come in person to the Clerk’s office, at 201 East University Avenue, Gainesville, Florida, bring their Valid Photo Identification, provide their social security numbers (Or Valid Passport) and pay the marriage license fee. NCGS § 51-6 states: No minister, officer, or any other person authorized to solemnize a marriage under the laws of this State shall perform a ceremony of marriage.. until there is delivered to that person a license for the marriage of the said persons, signed by the register of deeds of the county in which the marriage license was issued or by a lawful deputy or assistant. • Where To Apply In Sauk County: Both parties are required appear in person at the office of the Sauk County Clerk, West Square Building, 505 Broadway, Room #144, Baraboo, Wisconsin, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday,(closed Saturdays, Sundays, legal holidays, and the day after Thanksgiving).

Both applicants need to appear in person at the Marriage License Office to sign the marriage license application and present a valid driver’s license or another government-issued id. The person who conducts a marriage ceremony shall record on the license the date and the County in which the ceremony is performed and the person’s name, subscribe in the license and return the license to the County Clerk who issued the license not later than the 30th day after the date the ceremony is conducted. Both of your parents must be present to consent and have proper identification at the time of application for the Marriage License and at the Marriage Ceremony if the ceremony is performed in our offices.  For more information, be sure to visit

The marriage license is returned to the county clerk’s office by the person who performs the ceremony. The bride and groom take identification, any necessary paperwork, fees, and sometimes blood test results to the county clerk in the jurisdiction where the ceremony will take place to apply for a marriage license. If you need a certified copy of your marriage license or marriage certificate, contact the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court that issued the marriage license.

To complete an application for a marriage license, one or both spouses must appear in person at a courthouse, city hall, or town office and sign the marriage license application in the presence of the clerk (along with payment of a fee). (This may be the office of the county clerk, recorder or registrar, depending on where you live.) The married couple will be sent a certified copy of the marriage certificate within a few weeks after the marriage ceremony. Clerk’s Office (for licenses issued by Loudoun County Clerk of Circuit Court): in person or by completing a mail-in request form (PDF); fee is $2.50 per copy.

If you would like to register as a Single Ceremony Marriage Designee in Cache County you will need to appear in person, with the couple, and a valid photo ID. You will need to fill out and sign the Appointment and Agreement Form and pay the $10.00 fee. Certified copies are normally received within 10 days after the completed marriage certificate is returned to the clerk’s office for recording in the county’s official records. All that is required for single adults to obtain a marriage license is for them to come in person to the Clerk’s office, bring their driver license or other acceptable identification card and be prepared to pay the fee.

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