Incredible facts about Venetian plaster that you should know

 Incredible facts about Venetian plaster that you should know

Venetian plaster, also known as the polished plaster is not something new. The use of these plasters can be dated back to the 16th century when it was used in Italian walls and columns. This luxurious and classy decorative item is suitable for both commercial and residential properties. Visit the web to get more information about this plaster. The technique of its application was given by the Romans. Besides this, there are amazing facts about this plaster which has been shortlisted below.

  • The technique used for this plaster is an ancient one– The Venetian plaster was used in the Italian construction industry during the 16th The plaster was used avidly by the Romans and hence the credit goes to the Romans for suggesting the technique of application. If you check out the remains of ancient Romania, you can still find that Venetian plasters were used on the ceilings and walls. From that time onwards, the technique of application has been the same till now.
  • It is technical in nature– The plasterers need to have technical competence and knowledge for doing the job effectively. Usually a spatula or a trowel is used for its application. Multiple layers of coating are done to give a smooth texture to the surface. After this, the plaster is polished for an even surface. The application of this plaster was costly earlier. But now with technological innovations and material advances, the process has become affordable and can be used both for commercial and residential properties. See here to know more about this plaster.
  • It has anti inflammable properties– The anti-inflammable properties of Venetian plaster makes it the best choice for providing security to constructions. This amazing characteristic of this plaster was known to people from a very long time and hence, it was used in almost all building as a fire proof. If you visit the Pompeii city in Naples, you can still find the original plastering on the parapets.
  • It has been used and is still being used for making statues– If you check out the ancient building and walls of Romania which was built almost 2000 years ago, you could still find the original venetian plastering on it. One of the unique pieces can still be found in London. This material can be easily handled and therefore it has been used since ages to make different shapes and statues out of it.


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