Interesting Facts About Dubai

 Interesting Facts About Dubai

Situated in the Persian Gulf, the city of Dubai is amongst the traveler’s first choice in UAE. Defined as a cosmopolitan oasis of a luxurious lifestyle and ultramodern architecture, Dubai is no less than a gleaming microcosm. If you are planning to visit Dubai shortly, here are some interesting facts to know about –

It is a land with many skyscrapers – 

At the beginning of 1991, Dubai just featured a single large building. Today, it is home to more than 400 gigantic towers in the world. Each tower here has got its own skin to stand unique from rest in the crowd making Dubai the fastest growing global economy. Also you can plan a trip to Cancun with friends and family.

They’ve got the world’s tallest building – 

If you keep track of some of the famous monuments in the world, you might have come across the name of Burj Khalifa. This globally renowned largest building has its roots in Dubai. It is a highly adored spot amongst other places to visit in Dubai

They’ve also got the most luxurious hotel for the Richie Rich – 

For all those who are eager to unveil the luxuriousness and sophistication of Dubai, accommodate yourself at its very famous Burj Al Arab. Clinching is a global rating of 7-stars, it crowns itself as the most luxurious hotels in town. There is a 1790 square feet section inside it, which is carved out from pure gold.

It is nowhere behind in terms of shopping –

The last thing every wanderer looks for on his tour is shopping to take back memories of that place. So, carry a good number of carry bags, as The Dubai Mall will give you sufficient reasons to do so. From the local souvenirs of Dubai to masterpieces of national and international brands, The Dubai Mall has got a lot in reserve for you. There are more than 1200 stores within making this place a grand piece of shopping architecture in the world.

The cars of police officers here are different! 

Have you seen the real-life car of policemen in your hometown? It is a formal car which is usually white in color. Now, what makes Dubai police tighten their collars is the fact that on duty too, they drive in their official Ferrari or Mercedes to catch a thief. You can imagine the luxuriousness of the residents staying here from this fact itself.

You are income-tax-free if you are permanent Dubai resident – 

One of the primary reasons for living a life of real luxury here is the fact that the government of Dubai follows a zero income tax policy on its citizens. This is the reason why the majority of the businesses have their eye on Dubai.

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