Is Cologne Worth Visiting?

 Is Cologne Worth Visiting?

When it comes to Germanic cities, all of them are worth visiting. Whether for their splendid history, magnificent Gothic era churches, galleries, museums, palaces, or trendy shops, there is something for everyone present in the cities along the Rhineland.

Cologne is one such city, but it outranks its competition by a huge margin. Cologne ranks above all others, whether it is the filigree twin towers of the largest church in Europe dominating the skyline, the history that lives and breathes in the city, and the jolly people of this town. 

There is something here for everyone from history loves to chocolate lovers. You do not want to miss the scene here at Cologne, so do head out there if you get a chance!

What makes Cologne special?

Cologne is rightly defined as the heart, both economic and cultural, of the Rhineland. The strategic position of this city along the biggest part of the Rhine river made it an economic hotspot. This cemented its position as capital for the culture and arts as the trade grew, and by the time of World War II, had become a major port city. 

After World War II, Cologne collected her pieces and rebuilt herself to be the magnificent city she is. Despite the destruction reaped by the war, it has outgrown its damage, and in the process, maintained its ecclesiastical heritage that comes from both the East and West. 

With a Gothic church that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its skyline has been dominated by the filigree twin towers since time immemorial. 

But its heritage is not the only thing special about Cologne. The people, the art galleries, and the museums along its breadth and length give it a special place along with Germans and tourists alike. Picturesque hills, greenery, chic shops along the Rhine make this city a spectacle to behold. 

Attractions to visit in Dusseldorf 

The most popular tourist attractions here in Cologne are:

  • The Cologne Cathedral 
  • Cologne City Hall
  • The Old Town of Cologne 
  • Ludwig Museum 
  • Wallraf-Richartz Museum 
  • Rhine River Cruise 
  • Cologne Zoological Gardens 

Whatever your favourite area may be, there is something for everyone here in Cologne. With plenty of museums, galleries, and trendy shops for you to peruse, we promise that you will never have a dull day during your stay here. You may even find escorts Dusseldorf or an escort service cologne.

Cologne’s history dates back to the first AD when it was established as a Roman provincial capital. What makes Cologne all the more special is the wonderful melting pot of history that it is. Filled with relics from all eras and periods, it is one of the few cities in the world that has truly stood the test of time. Fragrances, mustard, chocolate- you name it, you can buy it here. All of its history and trendiness is on display for tourists to visit and marvel at. With such an attractive city on the road, why would you not visit this city at least once? 

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