Is HR Training And Development Really Important?

 Is HR Training And Development Really Important?

Human resources play key roles in every business. Their presence is vital in enhancing the proper management of your business. Therefore, HR training and development is inevitable as it’s the only way to ensure that your business adapts the ever-changing technology, market practices and policies. With a competent human resource manager, your business will survive the stiff competition. Check the following undeniable facts about businesses;

  • Over 94% of workers stick to one company, especially if the employer invests in their career.
  • Over 83% face challenges in attracting and even retaining the right talents to enhance the success of their business.
  • About 92 percent of the workers point out that empathy from their bosses helps in improving employee’s retention.
  • Effective HR training and development boost performance greatly.
  • A good percentage of great employees resign from an organization if they are not well engaged.

Most businesses rely on Human resource managers to oversee all their employees’ operations. Unfortunately, most employers focus so much on the employers forgetting about the human resource manager.  For quality organization results, employers should aim at offering effective HR training and development. If you invest in quality HR training courses, you’ll have played a major role by ensuring that the human resource resources department shares the same business goals with you. They’ll offer the best to ensure that you achieve your target goals.

What is the Importance of Human Resource Training and Development?

Effective human resource management has never been a walk in the park. Some organizations’ HR department has specialists, generalists or even both. Regardless of these factors, several skills are needed to prepare human resource managers adequately.

Note that human resource training does not only pay attention to individual skills. There could be external forces known to pose challenges to human resources management. But such HR training courses address HR management related challenges. They include;

Compliance and Regulatory change; as employment laws continue to change, the HR is always under pressure to make sure that organizations won’t lose compliance. Missteps in privacy, equal employment or workers compensation could lead to audits, lawsuits, plus fines.

Implementing business changes; with ever-advancing technology, business change is inevitable. Despite the rampant changes, the HR can’t hire new workers upon the introduction of new business changes. They must find ways to compel existing employees to embrace innovation and master current technology skills.

Evolution of recruiting; to make it easier to find talents, online job boards were developed. However, these job boards have only increased HR tasks as they get several applications on only one job post. Therefore, sifting through all the applications to find great talent is such a challenge. This is why it’s important to provide HR training courses that will promote talent- sourcing abilities.

Determining HR effectiveness; we are in the era of big data, and each business department is striving to measure its business value. However, it’s not easy to determine HR influence on your business success. However, finding methods of tracking appropriate metrics aid in making the HR a great partner.

Coping with management change; unlike before, these days employees come and go. It’s almost impossible to retain the same employees for over 2 or 3 decades. HR training and management is great as it prepares HRs to cope with such changes and ensure that it doesn’t affect the success of a business.

For HR to overcome all these challenges, he/she must undergo effective HR training and management. Only they can carry out all the various roles including counselling, act as a performance coach, business strategist, employees advocate and so on.

Gill Daniel

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