Is Marijuana Legal in Arizona?

 Is Marijuana Legal in Arizona?


18 United States, the District of Columbia, and Guam now have legalized the use and sale of marijuana. This unprecedented leap toward holistic healthcare has officially taken our country by storm.

But, each state has its own laws regarding the cultivation, sale, and use of this herb. That leaves Arizonaites and their visitors wondering, “is marijuana legal in Arizona?” In this guide, we go over the laws regarding Marijuana in Arizona from crop to consumption.

Is Marijuana Legal in Arizona?

Arizona was an early adopter of medicinal marijuana. In 2010, the state passed the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. Since then, support for legal marijuana has only grown in the Grand Canyon state.

In 2020, Arizona voters upped the anty, voting to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Arizona. Of course, all states have constraints on their marijuana laws. So, what exactly can you do with legal marijuana in Arizona?

Medicinal Marijuana in Arizona

The age groups that most use medicinal marijuana in Arizona are 18-30-year-olds and 51-60-year-olds. If you seek medical marijuana in Arizona, you must apply and get approved for a medical marijuana card. As of 2022, only 7 people in Arizona who applied for a medical marijuana card got denied.

Only residents of Arizona may use the medicinal marijuana program- so you must have a valid Arizona state ID to take advantage of medicinal marijuana there. Once you have your medical card, you may purchase no more than 2.5 ounces of marijuana in a 14-day period from any registered medical marijuana dispensary.

Recreational Marijuana in Arizona

Passed in 2020, proposition 207 legalized recreational marijuana in Arizona. In doing so, it decriminalized marijuana possession, which used to be a class 6 felony. Like medical marijuana, recreational marijuana in Arizona has some constraints.

For example, only adults aged 21 and over may use recreational marijuana. Moreover, they cannot possess more than 5 grams of marijuana concentrate (like tinctures, wax, and vapes) or more than one ounce of cannabis flower at a time. Any more, and they may face legal consequences up to a misdemeanor.

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Marijuana Laws in Arizona: Home Growing and Selling

Medicinal cardholders and recreational users over the age of 21 can also grow their own marijuana plants. Arizona law stipulates that home growing operations cannot exceed 6 total plants per adult in a home. So, if you live with another adult over 21, they may also have 6 marijuana plants.

You must keep your homegrown plants in a locked room out of public sight. Like recreational marijuana in Arizona, violators of this constraint can face legal consequences.

If you grow a nice crop and want to sell the fruits of your labor, there are steps you must take first. Whether you are selling flower, edibles, or tinctures, you must apply for and receive a license before making any transactions. Failure to do so can also result in criminal liability.

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So, is marijuana legal in Arizona? It sure is! As long as you’re sure to use it safely and within the proper legal limits.

If you’re looking for more holistic health content, look no further than the Gossiboo Crew blog. Check out our other blog posts today for more on marijuana laws, herbal medicine, and news about advances in holistic healthcare.

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