Is “Technology” Stopping You Continuing To Move Forward Stuck in your Business? Here’s Techniques For Getting Unstuck

 Is “Technology” Stopping You Continuing To Move Forward Stuck in your Business? Here’s Techniques For Getting Unstuck

Sometimes technology are able to do more damage than good…

… because everyone is putting the cart as you are watching horse:

They be worried about what features to employ a yet-to-be-built website before they define their message and niche

They pull their mind of hair out concerning the process for autoresponder just before beginning their prospecting effort and achieving a listing to mail to

They drive themselves inside the wall about shopping cart software software software setup before they evaluate which products to produce

They spend hrs researching online course software before they do know what their audience want and will be ready to purchase

They concern themselves with complex sales funnel, while all they have to do is to locate across the damn phone and sign some clients, yesterday, to obtain the earnings and momentum

Technology may become an expedient excuse.

We’ve drawn to the study and busywork, “trying so hard” to look into the tutorials and uncover to make use of the program, tweaking the hex # for the 56th time therefore we do not have to accomplish WHAT TRULY MATTERS because frequently occasions, individuals things make us face our fears and stretch our limitations.

Let’s talk of my story…

After I began my first business, I developed a simplistic website using more than a weekend. (I do not recommend – always obtain a self-located site… but that is a couple of a few things i did being aware what I understood.)

I stuck a couple of PayPal buttons up, and let my peeps learn about it through social networking and forums.

Orders began flowing in. It’s the way all began.

Fast-forward 3 a few days, I recognized I had been emailing 400  individuals from my Gmail account. I finally gone after an e-mail company and sitting on their own free fundamental plan, which needed me to hitting 6-fig easily.

Did not sweat about autoresponder. I survived.

18 a few days in (yes, 18 a few days!) I recognized I had been moving a lot of money price of e-books With no shopping cart software software software.

I recognize, crazy.

I emailed the files out by hands every time a PayPal notification demonstrated up. Obtaining a customized understand that I typed (not cut-and-paste, mind ya.)

I even achieved it within the hospital in my cell phone, number of hrs following having a baby to my kid.

Did not lose sleep over shopping cart software software software until I can pay anybody to eliminate sleep when it comes to this personally.

I spent for every minute I’d be wrangling with “technology” to produce products and market the heck from their website.

Operative term: Earnings Generating Activities.

Operative mindset: Keep It Uncomplicated, Sunshine!

“They” pointed out I preferred an autoresponder along with a shopping cart software software software.

I pointed out I preferred to get some clients and then sell on my stuff.

I saw money remaining together with you before “they” could finish saying, “obtain a foreign exchange account, join 1shoppingcart or InfusionSoft or Office Autopilot and pay $79/$199/$299 monthly.”

When you’re “battling” over “technology” and uncover yourself spinning your wheels – take a moment and acquire in situation your projects may be the shortest path to achieving your present goal, or even it is simply an expedient excuse to prevent you from doing the needed steps.

I’ve an online-based marketing background, i run my entire business virtually.

However, being “online” doesn’t always mean hiding behind notebook, an internet site, plenty of site templates or “place it and finished up negelecting it” autoresponders with canned messaging.

You’ve stored to stay your neck out and tell our planet what you’re about. You need to walk your talk. You need to communicate. You need to connect. Because…

Once the rubber meets the street, sales & marketing is all about a person at one finish, contacting someone else inside the other finish.

And yeah, talking about someone else (gasp!) can awaken lots of crap.

Fears. Insecurity. Uncertainty. Rejection. Judgment. Doubts.

You can predict how some software will react (hmmm, generally anyway) however, you can’t control what your companion would say or do, together with what which will trigger in the human body.


The important thing key to keep in mind about “technology” – it’s made to make our approach to existence simpler. It’s made to let’s achieve our goals faster.

Otherwise doing either, whether it is distracting you against really doing that – CHUCK IT!

Whether it is suggesting that you just tweak your message or change how you roll, so your materials can match a particular format or presentation – Be Cautious!

Sometimes pedaling a motorbike you can get there faster when compared to a driving Lamborghini – throughout a traffic jam.

Ling is unquestionably an Intuitive Brainiac. Through her unique mixture of Business   Marketing coaching obtaining a Mindset   Psychic Twist, she helps the multi-gifted and multi-passionate maverick solo-entrepreneurs distill All of their big ideas into ONE cohesive Message, nail the text that sell and magnificence a concept to lessen the busywork and do what matters, through her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born from her Harvard Design School training and 10 experience with the internet based marketing industry.


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