Is there a Point System for Calculating PR Eligibility in Singapore?

 Is there a Point System for Calculating PR Eligibility in Singapore?


Singapore, known for its financial stability and multicultural society, has long been an alluring goal for people looking for business openings and a high quality of life. For those considering a permanent stay, the address of qualification for Permanent Residence (PR) regularly emerges.

To shed light on this theme, we will investigate whether Singapore utilizes a point framework for calculating PR qualification and offer insights into the criteria utilized within the assessment handle.

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Is there a Point System for PR Qualification?

Contrary to a few misinterpretations about Is there a Point System for Calculating PR Eligibility, Singapore does not have a formal point framework for PR qualification.

Not at all like countries like Canada or Australia, which utilize a point-based framework to assess an applicant’s accreditations, Singapore’s assessment preparation centers on an all-encompassing approach, considering different components affecting an applicant’s potential commitment to the country.

Components Considered by the ICA:

1. Financial Commitments:

Singapore places critical significance on an applicant’s capacity to contribute to the nation’s economy. The ICA surveys an individual’s business solidness, proficiency capabilities, and wage level. Candidates who have specialized abilities that are in high request inside the country’s businesses are more likely to be considered favourably.

2. Family Ties:

Family ties can play a noteworthy part within the PR application handle. Hitched people with Singaporean citizens or PR holders as life partners, as well as children born in Singapore, may have an advantage. By the by, it is vital to note that family ties alone do not ensure endorsement. Other components, such as financial commitments, will still be taken into thought.

3. Social Integration:

Integration into the nearby community is additionally a pivotal perspective of the PR qualification assessment. The ICA looks for proof of an applicant’s capacity to adjust to Singapore’s society, culture, and values.

Dynamic interest in community organizations, volunteer work, and a commitment to learning one of the four official dialects of Singapore can contribute emphatically to an application.

The Significance of a Solid PR Application:

Whereas there is no official point framework for calculating PR qualification, it is pivotal to display a well-prepared application that highlights your capabilities and reasonableness for lasting residency. To upgrade your chances of victory, consider the following:

1. Exhibit Your Abilities and Mastery:

Highlight your proficient capabilities, work encounters, and any industry-specific abilities that are in request in Singapore. Illustrating your capacity to contribute to the neighbourhood economy will significantly fortify your application.

2. Emphasize Your Integration with the Community:

Effectively take an interest in community occasions and organizations to grandstand your commitment to joining Singaporean society. Learning one of the four official dialects, locking in volunteer work, or joining social clubs can illustrate your devotion to becoming a portion of the neighbourhood community.

3. Keep up a Clean Foundation:

Guarantee that your application reflects a clean foundation, both in terms of legitimate and monetary viewpoints. Any criminal records or uncertain obligations may adversely affect your chances of endorsement.


Whereas Singapore does not utilize a formal point framework for PR qualification, the assessment process is exhaustive and comprehensive.

By understanding these variables and giving a well-prepared application that grandstands your capabilities and commitment to Singapore, you will upgrade your chances of victory in getting PR status.

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