Items that are made out of gold

 Items that are made out of gold


Gold is a rare and luxurious metal that many people strive to be able to buy. And while most people classify purchasing gold with jewelry, there is more you can do with it.

What is the value of gold?

The value of gold changes continuously based on how well or poor the dollar is doing. As you contemplate what you can invest in using gold, it is important you choose to make, purchase and sell gold items that will continue to make you money in the long run.

Common things you can do with gold

The average person will own gold simply because it is used most often for creating rings, bracelets, earrings, watches, and necklaces. If you pair your jewelry piece with diamonds or other gems, the gold will continue to be worth something but the more gold that is exposed, the more it will be worth.

As cool as it sounds to own a block of gold, owning a block of gold is not as common as the movies make it appear. Instead, it’s more common to own china that has gold embellished on it.

Famous gold pieces

Have you heard of the famous toilet made out of gold or the Christmas tree made out of gold? It’s true. Here are strange, yet famous, items made out of gold around the world.

Gold Toilet & Toilet Paper – Estimated around 2.5 million dollars, a Hong Kong technology group created a gold toilet that’s been sitting on display since 2001. Of course, no toilet would be complete without toilet paper, so they also created a roll worth nearly 1.3 million dollars.

Gold Lamborghini – Sitting as the most expensive item to ever be made out of gold, this Lamborghini is worth 62 million dollars and made from 500 kg of gold.

Gold Christmas Tree – Another famous item is the gold Christmas tree made by a Japanese designer, Ginza Tanaka. This gold Christmas tree is on display and worth 2 million dollars.

Gold Christmas Wrapping Paper – Abu Dhabi is famous for many things and one is the Christmas tree which has gold wrapping paper sitting on its base while diamonds, pearls, and other gems line the branches.


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