Keep Accidents Away With Anti-slip Solutions For Tiles

 Keep Accidents Away With Anti-slip Solutions For Tiles

One of the essential requirements for flooring in any production is its anti-slip properties. It is simply impossible to buy and install another floor in production facilities, as this will lead to an increase in industrial injuries. Therefore, you should use a non-slip floor solution, which at the same time possesses all the other characteristics necessary for use in production and public institutions.

Slippery tiled floors have the eternal problem that everyone faces. Nowadays, many solutions have been invented so that the floor, and especially the tiles, does not slip. There are several types and varieties of anti-slip solutions for tiles. Therefore, when choosing a non-slip solution, all options must be taken into account, since this issue concerns your safety and the safety of people close to you.

 Anti-Slip Solutions for Tiles

  • Anti-slip tape. They are glued to the middle of the tile and provide a good grip on the surface in both dry and wet floors. The advantages of anti-slip tapes are that they are cheap and easy to install. On the other hand, tapes are only a temporary solution, and they become dirty, get dirty over time, and tapes change the appearance of stair steps. They may not always correspond to the general design of the room. Service life, as a rule. Up to 12 months, after which replacement and re-installation of tapes are required.
  • Anti-slip profiles and linings – a solution similar to tapes. The anti-slip coating is installed on the edge of the tiles, most often used in places of high traffic.
  • Anti-slip flooring treatment.

Anti-slip solutions for tiles develop every year, and new solutions appear on the market. When anti-slip treatment of slippery floors occurs, whether it is tile, marble, granite, or porcelain tile, there is no external change in the colour or structure of the stone.

Some chemicals act as a slippery tiles remedy and enhance the coefficient and improve the safety of wet floors. The anti-slip solution helps reduce damage from falls on many floors. The tool is easy to use, and it has almost no smell. It practically does not change the appearance of the surface and does not affect the cleaning mode.

 The Advantages of Having an Anti-Slip Solution For Your Tiled Floor

Reduces slips and falls- If you choose to use the anti-slip solution, you will not experience many slips and falls again. They will be fully reduced. This is a good thing since accidents will not occur.

Increases the durability of the floor– When the solution is applied, the tiles’ durability will be increased to a great extent.

Among the many relevant solutions, anti-slip PVC coating is in high demand. This modification, combining the advantages of antisplash and anti-slip coatings, is recommended for installation on entrance groups, corridors, and hallways, especially where a high level of humidity is noted. The product may be made in a wide variety of colour shades, as well as interesting patterns present on its surface, which allows you to choose an option that takes into account the stylistic concept of the interior in which it is planned to mark out anti-slip flooring.

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