Know the secrets behind curly hair. Use curl defining cream to give more volume and hair health

The styling phase has a significant effect on the final result of curly hair which is why, it is important to choose the best techniques for your curls. Each hedgehog is different, and the choice will depend only on your needs. Want more defined curls? Or maybe more voluminous? Start from the problems of your curls, and together we’ll see how to solve them to get perfect curls with the best styling techniques for top curly hair. Please also note that these techniques can be flexibly combined according to your needs.

Before proceeding with the styling gently dab the hair with a towel strictly in microfiber or alternatively with a cotton t-shirt. You can use curl cream with or without using curl wand. This styling technique gives you maximum definition. For those who have extremely frizzy curly hair that needs an extra-strong definition or to girls with wavy hair who want to create curls, they can use Moroccanoil curl defining cream. Pros – Super-defined curls, and frizz reduction.

Are you looking for a styling technique?

If you want more defined curls while maintaining a natural effect, soft curls and frizz fighting then the LOC method for curly hair styling is for you. LOC is an acronym that indicates the three products to use – a Liquid like water or a gel of your choice, an Oil, and Moroccanoil curl cream. The liquid has the specific function of moisturizing and in combination with the cream guarantees maximum definition, while the oil nourishes and shines.

This method hydrates, seals hydration, nourishes and reduces frizz. The fundamental condition is to choose natural products based on ingredients that can take care of your curls. Performing the LOC technique is very simple. Divide the hair into strands and apply the three products on each one in the order described. Pass your fingers through your hair as if you wanted to comb it and finish with scrunch movements performed on each individual lock.

What is the secret to getting a defined hedgehog?

If a good movement is lacking, it means only one thing, that the hair is not hydrated enough. You can use Moroccan oil curl cream not only to curl your hair, but also give proper hydration, and nourishment to your hair. It is useless to turn around too much. Everything depends on proper hydration. Thanks to nourishing and moisturizing treatments, that elastic and defined curls can be obtained.

Start with a pre-shampoo treatment that consists of applying a re-balancing and toning oil that moisturizes fiber and skin before washing. Although undervalued, this is an important gesture for hydration. We must give our hair the complete meal so that it is healthy. This applies to all types of hair. More so for the hedgehog, which by nature is drier than the smooth one, and therefore more in need of water. Then we proceed to the cleansing phase with specific shampoos and masks with strong nourishing power.

Avoiding the most common mistakes

Think about getting great results using only gel and foams. But let’s remember that these products have a static effect. Better to focus on oils, butters, vegetable keratin-based treatments that create the right base to obtain a nice defined curl. It is never recommended to dry upside down. Although this creates volume, excessive heat dries the hair. Just as you must be careful not to place the diffuser directly on the foliage. The high temperature of the hair dryer tends to open the flakes of the hair which in this way reflect less the light with the result of a dull and dry hair.

What is the solution?

As far as the diffuser is concerned, it is advisable to keep it between 10 and 15 cm from the hair to prevent excessive heat from drying the fiber. For other hot instruments such as plate or iron they can be used to define, but only if the hair is beautiful. Switching the styler to a matted lock is of no use. To facilitate the styling you may apply first of all an anti-frizz product. It moisturizes and softens the hair and is without rinsing.

Shaping the hedgehog. Are curlers still used?

A little, because the curler tends to brush the hair, almost like cotton. Instead the goose beak is more functional. Roll up the lock on your finger, stop it with a goose beak, then move on to drying with the diffuser. Another remedyis to use them while drying your hair. Drag the strands between your hands and block the light waves that form naturally with the beaks. Allow to dry for 10 minutes to remove excess water, and then proceed with normal drying. In this way a soft wave is created.

Chris Jorioso

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