L’Escalade – A Distinctive Swiss Festival

 L’Escalade – A Distinctive Swiss Festival

Christmas in Europe could be a busy the actual at ski transfers. Geneva sees lots of vacationers enjoying christmas with a holiday in among the many ski resorts near the city. However, in addition, there are lots of to do and see within the city itself, especially across the eleventh and twelfth with the festival of ‘L’Escalade.’ It’s held each year, and it also celebrates the defeat of Charles Emmanuel I’s troops, after their surprise attack round glasgow- Geneva in 1602. Charles Emmanuel I had been the Duke of Savoyard, and he’d decided to produce Geneva his capital north within the Alps, and crush the Protestantism within the city. The region residents of Geneva had other ideas.

The Attack

Over December 11 and 12 of 1602 – across the longest nights year – the Duke’s forces started their attack. His troops marched within the Arve River, at night time, and hang together at Plainpalais, just outdoors the walls of Geneva, at 2 o’clock every day. Geneva have been half-asleep, and for that reason their plan ended up being silently submit several commandos to begin the gate, and let everyone other army in. The commandos started scaling the wall, using massive ladders to creep to the top level, and start their secret business.

The Fight

The intruders did not get far, however. An evening-guard known as Isaac Mercier elevated the alarm while he discovered the troops climbing the wall, and known as for help. The church bells were rung to wake the city, along with the locals scrambled to battle within the invaders. One story has it the woman named Catherine Cheynel got involved in the fighting, as her large family resided across the walls inside the La Monnaie town gate. She seemed to be known as ‘Mere Royame’ after her marriage to Pierre Royame referred to as mother of 14 children (that’s greater than I have ever endured to fight any ski transfers, Geneva or elsewhere!). The storyplot goes they grabbed a cauldron of hot soup she’d, and flung it lower upon the attackers. Inside a couple of versions within the story, the rock cauldron really easily easily wiped out a guy when the demonstrated up, along with the commotion this made was enough to assist wake the remainder of Geneva!.


While using the component of surprise lost, the 2000-strong Savoyarde forces needed to retreat. They could not climb the walls, with no longer had the benefit of a sleeping city. The heavily-armed troops needed to retreat when faced while using determined townsfolk of Geneva. I love this story, and recounting it’s a terrific pass time on ski transfers. Geneva still celebrates the victory even today – we’ve large cauldrons like Mere Royame’s, but created from chocolate, full of marzipan vegetables and sweets engrossed within the Genevan colours of red and gold. It is a custom for the earliest along with the youngest within the room to smash the cauldron and spread the treats inside. You will find children who put on costumes and sing L’Escalade songs, a parade that winds while using roads, or possibly a run inside the Parc Plusieurs Bastions, while using heart within the Old Capital of scotland- Geneva, where everything started.

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