Lighting Mods

 Lighting Mods

Lighting is a popular overland modification for off-road vehicles. Equipping your vehicle with the proper lighting means better visibility and enhanced safety, both of which are essential to enjoy off-road adventures. Here’s a brief overview of the basics of lighting mods for your truck:

Lighting Options

There are three types of lighting mods available:

  1. Halogens. Halogen lights are the least expensive option, but they are also the least effective and shortest lifespan. You’ll save money short-term with halogens, but that’s about all.
  2. HID (high-intensity discharge). HID lights are brighter and last longer than halogens, but they degrade over time. They are also not reliable in all weather conditions, which might be your plans to go off-roading in the rain or snow. 
  3. LED (light-emitting diode). LEDs produce bright, clear light in all conditions. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and durable—pretty much ideal for off-roading adventures. But all that comes at a price; they’re considerably more expensive than the alternatives. 

LED Lighting Options

Adding LED lighting to your vehicle can be done in several ways.

  • Light bars. Light bars are just what they sound like: they’re strips of LED lights that can be anywhere from 4 to 50 inches in length. Light bars can be mounted on the roof or the bumper of your vehicle – or both—to give you incredible visibility in all directions. 
  • Spotlights. Spotlight LED creates a concentrated light beam that you can point in any direction away from your vehicle. Spotlights are typically mounted on the vehicle’s roof and are used to add extra lighting when needed. 
  • Floodlights. Floodlights are mounted on the front bumper and give the driver better visibility of the terrain ahead. If you find yourself driving in rough conditions or bad weather, you’ll appreciate the extra light floodlights provide. 
  • Other. Grills lights, running board lights, work lights, and other lighting mods are also available to enhance the look and performance of your vehicle. 

Lighting Laws

Off-road lighting is bright; that’s the point of this type of lighting. Using these specialty lights for city driving is not recommended and is sometimes illegal. Before you install any lighting mods, it’s a good idea to check out the rules for this type of lighting in your area. Some jurisdictions require lights to be covered or restrict the colors you can have.  

This is just a brief look at lighting options for your off-road vehicle; the possibilities for additional lighting are enormous. Talk to your local lighting specialist for further guidance about what will be best for you.

Chris Jorioso

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