List Of Albania What To See

 List Of Albania What To See

Bunker- If you are a person who is in love with quirky things, and then you need to visit Albania. If you are wondering or browsing about Albania what to see, then you should definitely visit the bunker in Tirana, Albania. This visit is a must as you will be able to have a completely different experience.


Hohxa, the dictator had built a lot of bunker in the olden times, among the many, this one has been able to attract the attention of the tourist. It has now been transformed into a museum that tells the story of Albania. Although it might sound to be creepy, it is a lot of fun and interesting.

Wild camping

Albania is such a beautiful place that even after browsing about the Albania what to see, you won’t be able to get all the required information and might end up spending more time than planned.  If one is able to get a proper idea about the part of the year when they should visit Albania, they will be able to witness the beauty of Albania. The month of September witnesses are fewer crowds. If, you want to spend some lonely time at the beach, then visit Albania during this time of the year. If you want some wild camping, you will be able to do it in Albania as it is completely legal.


While browsing about the Albania what to see, one can come across the site that UNESCO has marked as a world heritage. This is one of the smallest towns in Albania is very interesting. This town was found in the 17th century. It is mainly known for its stone carvings. Starting from the roof to the whole building, all of it is carved out of stone. One is able to take an amazing view of the whole Town from the building.

Benja thermal pools

Benja thermal pools are something that you should not miss while you are browsing about Albania what to see. It is a 6km travel from the small town called Permet. There is a very old Bridge which connects the river with the land. There are also many man-made pools which are made up of stones. The geothermal activity that takes place on the ground, heat up the river water and makes it warmer. However one would not find the smell to be very pleasing as it is the smell of sulphur. However, if you are able to adjust to the smell you will be able to have a good time bathing in the river.

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