Looking For Family Events In Houston?

 Looking For Family Events In Houston?

Family Events in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas where everything is bigger and the family can gather together to enjoy amazing events. In Houston there are many family friendly events that the whole family can enjoy. These events are posted on a calendar on tradersvillege.com. Also other fun things to do in the Houston area other than special events. 

This can be seen at kidsoutandabout.com.The first thing on the calendar is the Dia de los Reyes which is a Latin culture event that is for the remembrance of baby Jesus. Enjoy hot chocolate at this free event. Also enjoy the food which is called Rosca de Reyes. Take some photos and enjoy the games and participate in the Rifa de Juegetes. This event which takes place on January 5th will be an event you will not want to miss.

An event that happens on February 9th is the expo of Quinceanera. This expo will feature vendors that specialize in choreography, DJ’s, dresses, and designers so that you can plan the perfect Quinceniera for your special daughter. There will also be raffles, food and live entertainment. Something that will not want to be missed is the runway shoes that will feature the new dresses and designs.

If you like to dance and be romantic. On February 16th there will be a San Valentin expo event. Bring your lovers and closest friends to dance the night away.On March 14-15 the 31st annual Auto Swap Meet will begin. This is great for families who enjoy automobiles. From vintage to new cars this is a car enthusiast heaven.

 The Auto Swap Meet is free and the only fee is the $5 parking fee. There are automobile parts that are being sold from new to vintage to used. This is a great place to take the children so they can learn more about car parts.

Some other fun things to do for families in Houston are the SplashWay Waterpark. This waterpark has features for all ages so that the novice and expert swimmers can have fun. 

The amazing staff will guarantee that the family leaves safe and with a huge smile. The staff is always making sure the water is at ideal ranges, and that the overall cleanliness of the park is well kept.

Another great place to take the family while in Houston is to the zoo. This is one of Texas’s best zoo’s. This zoo has giraffe feeding stations where the family can help feed the magnificent animal’s. They have many programs for ages from toddlers to teens. They will be educational and fun.

The Houston Museum is a great place to take the family. It has great artifacts that are interesting and educational. There are 14 hands on exhibits where the little ones can interact and learn. Events near me here in Houston are family friendly and inviting. Another great museum is the one of Natural Science. 

This museum is more for the teens that are interested in space, dinosaurs, and geology. This museum holds some of the rarest minerals in our solar system.There are many fun things to do here in Houston with the family. There are events happening year round. These events are always planned with great energy to make sure that everyone is safe and has fun. 

The other fun things here in Houston which were the water park and museums. Come to Houston and enjoy the great times and events. Events near me are always the best.


Paul Petersen

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