MagicBook Pro: Large Screen Lightweight Laptop

 MagicBook Pro: Large Screen Lightweight Laptop

HONOR isa sub-brand of HUAWEIthat focuses on the youth market. And it focused on cost performance. The first Magicbook launched by HONOR in April 2018 has maintained a high market popularity and sales volume. MagicBook Pro is a laptop with a 16-inch high-quality display screen. It branded the world’s first 16-inch light and thin notebook, which made MagicBook Pro popular in overseas markets. HONOR, in order to gain a solid foothold in the overseas market, has offered MagicBook Pro for sale in UK with a discount to increase its market share.

In fact, for people with office needs, the larger the screen, the higher the multi-threaded office efficiency. But the larger the screen will cause the body of laptop to be heavy and perform poorly in portability. Magicook Pro has eased the contradiction between large screen and portability to a certain extent. And it has used this advantage to cut into theblank field of the market.

The 16.1-inch body is as portable as the 15.6-inch portable model. MagicBook Pro uses a 16.1-inch high color gamut screen with an ultra-narrow frame design. This has a suitbale size. On the one hand, it is larger than 15.6 inches and feels more comfortable. On the other hand, it will not lose its portability like 17.3 inches. In addition, the high color gamut screen is of great help to both image processing and the cultivation of users’ visual aesthetics. Some 17.3-inch full HD resolution pixel lattice particles are too coarse and not fine enough. But 16.1 inches avoid such embarrassment.

MagicBook Pro has not lost its portability because of its large screen. Its depth size is smaller than that of most 15.6-inch models with the same configuration on the market. Its portability is very good! Moreover, the weight is only 1.7 kg, which is light in most 15.6-inch similar configuration models. In short, it will not sacrifice its portability while having a 16.1-inch screen with more comfortable visual effects.

In fact, the vast majority of 14-inch MX lightweight books cannot achieve “full performance release”. They can not achieve this when they are loaded with double high loads. In other words, it is impossible to realize that “both Core U processor and MX single display run to standard TDP”. In general, the compromise will be to reduce the operating frequency/power of the processor. We can take the i5 8250U/8265U for example. We can reduced it to 10W or less. Only the operating frequency of about 1.4 GHz will be guaranteed. However, this design has a great influence on the frame speed of the game, online games in particular. Investigate its reason, the main problem is in the heat dissipation specification. Most Core U/MX single-display portable books adopt single heat pipe single fan design or double heat pipe single fan design. The upper limit of heat dissipation capacity is not high. They can’t stand Core U and MX single-display output with standard power at the same time. Even many 15.6-inch portable books have this problem. ButMagicBook Pro does not have this problem. It is one of the few models on the market that canrelease full performance! The design of double heat pipes and double fans provides a solid guarantee for its full performance output!

MagicBook Pro has two points worth buying: the first is its unique size, high color gamut screen and good portability; The second and most important point is its excellent performance release. So if you need a laptop, MagicBook Pro will be a good choice.

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