Make Safety A Priority While Learning The Skill Of Using Electrical High-Speed Skateboards

 Make Safety A Priority While Learning The Skill Of Using Electrical High-Speed Skateboards

Skateboarding is an amazing activity once you get a hang of the skill. However, when you are practicing as a beginner, you can get injured many times and this is why you must invest in protective gear as well when you head out to buy your first electric skateboards.

For enhanced safety during your practice sessions and even when you are an expert skater, you must always check the settings of your skateboard before getting out for enjoying a ride.

You must perform the following checks:

  • As a beginner, always keep the trucks tight to prevent losing balance during a ride.
  • Once you have gained a good experience of using the skateboard, you can loosen up the trucks to some degree for increasing the flexibility of the board.
  • Get a hang of using the remote and its speed settings.
  • Keep riding at the slowest speed setting until you are comfortable using the skateboard and can control your movements appropriately.
  • Before heading out, check if your skateboard and its remote are connected or not.

In case you fall during your practice sessions, you should also learn the ways by which you can prevent severe injuries during a fall from the skateboard.

If you are looking for the best electric skateboard with remote, check the skateboarding range at the Maxfind Micro-Mobility website. You can also buy a remote controller for the skateboard separately from their website if you have lost the original one somewhere during a ride. Maxfind is a premium UK brand and is the market leader in the field of bringing in new technologies in their hub boards.

The important protective gear necessary for skating


  • It is the most important safety gear as it prevents head injuries that can cause severe damage if you are met with a fall or an accident.
  • Ensure that your helmet fits you properly.
  • A loose helmet will not perform its shock-absorbing function properly while a tight one will be uncomfortable.
  • Also, you can choose a full-face helmet to protect your jaws and eyes too from getting injured.

2. Gloves:

  • Wearing gloves can prevent bruises on your hands which is the first injury that most people get during a fall.

3. Wrist guard:

  • When people fall, the first instinct is to use their hands to prevent them from getting injured elsewhere.
  • As most of your weight will fall on your wrists, it can get serious injuries and even fractures if you are not wearing protective wrist guards.

4. Knee and elbow pads:

  • Knee and elbow joints are more prone to getting injured especially injuries like ligament tears can occur due to a forceful impact on these joints.
  • Choose pads made of thick foam for enhanced protection of the joints from external bruises and internal tears.

You can follow Maxfind Skateboards on their Facebook page to look for discounts and various deals on their skateboards. Join the community of skaters and you might learn a skill or two which will help you during your practice rides.


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