Make Sure These 5 Places in Likupang Get Into Your Itinerary

 Make Sure These 5 Places in Likupang Get Into Your Itinerary

Perhaps you have heard about Likupang? Likupang, Manado, is predicted to become one of Indonesia’s mainstay tourist destinations in the long run. Likupang is among the tourist attractions which has changed into a super-priority destination in Indonesia. Are you interested in what Likupang is like? While getting ready for your holiday, you can note down a number of those tourist attractions in Likupang Manado that should be visited below.

  1. Lihaga Island

This island is uninhabited, so it is still so clean and natural. Crystal clear sea water indicates the clean seabed and life within it. The beauty of Lihaga Island could be enjoyed by snorkeling, diving, or canoeing. Although the island is vacant, there are bathroom facilities for people. You may also spend the night on this island by simply preparing a tent. However, don’t forget to always stay clean.

  1. Gangga Island

Gangga Island itself isn’t a strange name for divers. This island at Likupang, Manado is among the largest opponents of Bunaken Island. Its position is near Lihaga Island and already has a resort that offers entertaining marine activities. If you do not have a diving certification, it doesn’t hurt to research first so that you can enjoy the underwater landscape of Gangga Island to your fullest.

  1. Paal Beach

This shore is a favorite tourist spot at Manado’s Likupang. The fresh, white sand meets the clear seawater, creating a wonderful view. No wonder a Lot of People call Paal Beach the Bali of North Sulawesi. Even though the scenery is amazing, the waves on this beach are sometimes quite large. So, you need to be cautious when playing here.

  1. Bahoi Ecotourism

Bahoi Tourism Village presents nature-oriented tourism. The tourist attraction that can be appreciated here is the mangrove forest which is still well and naturally guarded against the neighborhood. Additionally, the underwater beauty is as beautiful as Lihaga Island and Gangga Island. Although it is gaining popularity for tourists, local individuals still focus on preserving nature in this village by shielding it as best as possible.

  1. Pulisan Peak

This plateau is about to spoil your beautiful scenery. Pulisan Peak is in the beautiful Pulisan Beach Region. Throughout the scale, you will be accompanied by views of yellow pastures. After arriving at the summit, you will also be treated to a view of the expanse of the open sea along with the curvature of Pulisan Beach that contrasts with the bluish color of the water.

Before Likupang became a mainstream destination, there is nothing wrong if you move there first. You only need to fly into Manado and travel overland for around 90 minutes north to arrive at the Likupang area. Even though the road that needs to be traversed is twisting and moving through the plantation, the asphalt condition is quite good and maybe passed by two cars openly. This toll road may shorten the journey period from Manado into Likupang. So, Are you ready to start your getaway to Likupang? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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