Making Your Flying Experience Amazing – A Guide for Those Who Don’t Like Flying

 Making Your Flying Experience Amazing – A Guide for Those Who Don’t Like Flying


Flights can become lengthy and often turn into a boring and tiring affair. Domestic flights that take 1-4 hours or more are often disliked by most travellers, especially who do not enjoy flying. Mentioned in this post are some ways to make flying a better experience for you.


Not everyone enjoys flying. In fact, some detest it. Sitting in one seat for hours, waiting at long queues can make flying very tiring or even boring for some travellers. However, flying doesn’t have to be boring or even tiring. Mentioned below are some ways to make the whole experience better.

Be an Early Bird!

Early morning flights are usually the most disliked flights of all. No one likes to get up early in the morning or in the middle of the night to catch a flight. However, it may have some perks. Firstly, you get to the airport quickly without any traffic on the roads. Moreover, you may even find the airport less crowded compared to rush hours. Rest assured, you will not regret flying early, once you get habitual of the morning view. And if you plan it well, you can reach your destination in India well before the traffic rush hour, ensuring it is a smooth ride to your end destination from the airport.

First Things First- Get Comfortable

Whether you are travelling for business or a vacation, comfort comes first. Flying domestic includes sitting for long hours not just in flights but after clearing security as well. Flight with a duration exceeding 3 hours can make you sore if you are not in your comfort zone. Grab a neck pillow, pay for extra legroom or book an aisle seat, to make it slightly more bearable. Lastly, do not forget to pack your headphones and prepare a flight playlist that you listen to effortlessly. You can also pack a few snacks or easy-edibles to get you through the flight.

Utilise the In-flight Time

Long duration flights can actually be fruitful. These 3-4 hours on a flight can be the most peaceful time you probably have had in months. Utilise this time to complete your pending work or just plan your day, week, month or even the year ahead. With no mobile connectivity and not much to distract you, not just 3+ hour flights but even shorter flights such as Bangalore to Mumbai flights could be a perfect time to complete that long pending assignment or even read a book that you’ve been putting aside.

Enjoy the Airport

One of the perks of flying vs catching a train is that you don’t have to navigate yourself through dirty platforms. Most airports around the country boast of world-class infrastructure with restaurants, shops and even premium lounges. Reaching the airport, a little earlier and clearing security in time, has its perks. You can shop around, grab a cup of coffee or have a drink or two at the lounge (if you have lounge access) before you board your flight. Join a travel program or sign up for a credit card that allows you to enjoy the premium lounges for free. Complimentary meals and drinks on offer, these lounges can be the perfect way to start your journey.

A good flight management strategy also includes sufficient breaks, time for enjoying the beautiful view and relaxing when you need it. Don’t forget to listen to at least half the songs on the playlist you so fondly created, and some snacks or a small meal would improve the ambience!

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