Matthew Davies Discusses Why Recipe Bloggers Make You Scroll So Much for the Recipe


For some people, tasty food is the love of their life. There is nothing more comforting than a good meal, your favorite dishes cooked in exactly the way you like best. It brings back familiar aroma and taste which could be a reminder of your grandmother’s kitchen or that of your mother’s. Nostalgia overloaded! Isn’t this why we look for recipes of our favorite dishes on the internet; to learn to cook them in the most authentic way. What puts us off is the fact that we have to scroll past so much more to actually get to the real recipe. Matthew Davies looks at the reasons why recipe bloggers make you scroll so much for the recipe.

The Reasons

  1. Recipe bloggers want to share details of their lives – Food blogs are not just a part of recipe-sharing. They offer a sneak peek into the lives of the bloggers, the story behind a particular dish, and their fond memories associated with it. While looking into the recipe details, you also love to be a witness to their personal lives and the photos that they have shared in the process. All this does take up more space and words. So, to reach the actual recipe you have to go through a lot more.
  1. They want to earn money –The advertisement network that spans the length of the blog post may be the bread and butter of the food blogger. If these sections do not exist in the blog, those ads would not exist. In order to make more revenue, the bloggers need to make it long enough to accommodate more pop-ups. For most of them, it is a business or at least a side hustle. It is a job they have to take care of.
  1. They want to rank better on the search engines – For the food bloggers, it is an attempt to make their post feature on the top of google search. If they move the recipe to the top of the post, people will read it and leave the page. This can negatively affect the search results. However, if they write a longer post and share the recipe at the bottom, people will spend more time on the page and also get the chance to learn more about the blogger.
  1. They believe it is a good strategy – According to the recipe bloggers, if they remove all of the stories behind the recipe and stick with just the procedure, the blog is doomed to fail. For them, there is no solution to this. Either they post a long blog featuring more than just the method to cook or they end up with a blog that has little or no views. Facing such a dilemma, they probably find it easier, more productive, and more lucrative to go with the detailed version.
  1. It creates a deeper bond with the audience – Keeping aside these practical aspects, there is also an emotional side to the story. For a food blogger, food is their soul and cooking, an art that they are passionate about. Expecting them to wind up their post by listing only the procedure of cooking is wrong.


It is the style they love to work with, and most readers would also agree to that. Matthew Davies feels that the backdrop is as significant as the real play; so, cutting down on that crucial part may not be a good idea after all. The story that they share while listing a recipe is as important or sometimes even more relevant than just the method itself.

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