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Bauhaus Furniture is a style of furniture that originated in Germany. It is a style of furniture that is derived from the Staatliches Bauhaus school that is situated in Germany. There are numerous designers who have taken inspiration from Bauhaus Furniture and created masterpieces in Furniture that are based on this technique in furniture making. The creation of Bauhaus furniture was especially prolific during the earlier years of the 1900s.

There isn’t a single architect, interior decorator or designer that is unaware of the impact that Bauhaus Furniture evinces in regards to design, architecture and, art. The pieces of furniture that are based on this concept can be found in different establishments. These range from canvas art, homes, industrial buildings, art houses, etc. Despite being closed under duress from the Nazi regime, this form of furniture is still relevant.

There are many terrific creations that have been produced by using Bauhaus furniture as a foundation. One such product is the Mies van der Rohe Chair. It is designed by BRNO and is an excellent dining chair. The year of its creation was 1930 and ever since then, its popularity and design integrity have seen much improvement. This amazing dining chair by BRNO is derived from the Bauhaus furniture architecture and evinces an innovative and unique amalgamation of style and sleekness.

It contains a charming and suave single piece that possesses a design featuring cantilevers. This chair is an impeccable amalgamation of bot functionality and artistic excellence. The aesthetics are perfect and very much practical. This BRNO Dining chair can be utilized for a number of purposes like a normal sitting chair, chair for the boardroom, waiting room chair and more.

The popularity of this chair is growing due to its great composition and features. It has got a width of 23” and a depth of 22.5”. The height of this chair is about 32” in which the seat height is about 17.5”. It means that this seat is very much appropriate from a dimension based perspective. This chair has been composed of high-quality material and it evinces many splendid features as well.

It has been created from Stainless steel that is highly polished and contains a steel frame with a chrome-based finishing. The joints are silver welded and the seat is made from a frame of hardwood that contains urethane foam. The latter is very much resilient and the fabric is composed of fabric and leather upholstery. The best part about the Mies BRNO chair is that it is constituted from non-toxic and fire-resistant materials.

The Mies BRNO chair is produced with great care and meets all the required standards of quality and excellence. These chairs are the result of 13 years of artistic experience and ensure that the user receives. This product is available in numerous colors so that you can choose the color that is in accordance to your liking. Manufacturer takes about 8 to 12 weeks for delivering this product as it is custom made.

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