Mobile Apps & Travel; What You Should and Shouldn’t Use

 Mobile Apps & Travel; What You Should and Shouldn’t Use

Mobile usage has once again come into the news particularly for British and European travellers as roaming costs may be set to return for some and data usage whilst on holiday may look to change moving forward – whilst some telecoms operators have already stated their new caps and how things may change or not change at all, it certainly is making many individuals more conscious of what they may or may not use on their devices whilst travelling, but even without roaming costs there are changing rules that you may need to be aware of – so what should you and shouldn’t you be using on your travels?

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Be careful with some gaming options – It’s not uncommon to see a huge audience now turning to their mobile device to play games, particularly as an older audience has become much more likely to do so too – but some options in the more popular genres, particularly like these sites not blocked by Gamstop that focus on casinos and betting, not all countries allow the practice. It’s certainly worth reading up ahead of time to see whether or not this is something you can do, as landing yourself in a spot of trouble for using a game you shouldn’t certainly isn’t worth it – do a little due diligence, and you can save a headache further down the line. 

VPNs follow the same logic – What is true for gaming choices is also true for VPNs which have become increasingly popular in their usage, they’re definitely something you should consider using if you’re going to be relying on public connections whilst on holiday, but not all countries are fond of their use and they’re very easy to forget that they’re running in the background. If they are allowed in the country you’re visiting, it is certainly recommended to at least use a free trial during your stay, and keep your own online data protected as those falling victim to fake Wi-Fi hotspots set-up for this very purpose has only increased over the years and may certainly look to do so even further as would-be holiday makers book their next trip in a hurry. 

Data tracking apps – These are often built into your mobile device these days as it had become mandatory for all telecoms operators to inform users of when they were closing in on data caps, but not all give as much information as they should – particularly with roaming charges set to return, keeping a closer eye on just where your data is going could help save you in the long run whilst travelling, and many apps available do just that. Some even allow you to set warnings or cut offs, so if data heavy apps like social media start to use too much, you can restrict specific access for that app, and cut out the additional usage.

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