Mom’s diet: 5 nutrients you need to consume while breastfeeding

 Mom’s diet: 5 nutrients you need to consume while breastfeeding

Nursing mothers have an important role in the development of their little ones since it is the most complete way to provide all the needs required by the infant. For this reason, it is vital that the mother has an adequate diet. By consuming the necessary nutrients you will be able to –

  • Balance your food reserves that were affected during the pregnancy and delivery months.
  • Provide the body with the energy necessary for breastfeeding and the transmission of these nutrients to the child.
  • Give yourself enough energy to do other activities normally.

5 essential nutrients for women

Before you join WIC program, check the list below with the main ones.


Iron 5 is essential for the body as it is one of the main components of hemoglobin. Therefore, it prevents iron deficiency anemia, the type caused by the deficiency of the mineral in the body and also the most common among women.

Calcium and vitamin D

Calcium and vitamin D 6 are two nutrients that must go together to prevent bone weakness – when this happens, osteoporosis can be a consequence. In fact, after menopause, women experience faster bone loss due to the decrease in estrogen and due to advancing age, therefore, calcium and vitamin D must be reinforced.


Iodine is an important nutrient for the general population because it helps in the synthesis of thyroid hormones. These, in turn, regulate body temperature, control heart rate and act on brain development. However, the lack of iodine decreases fertility. There is a greater risk of spontaneous abortion. The good news is that it can be found in good quantities in fish and seafood.

Folic acid

Like the item above, folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is important for moms. It acts in the synthesis of DNA and is responsible for the development of the baby’s nervous system, as well as the structure that originates the brain and spinal cord, called the neural tube. Finding folic acid is very easy since it is present in dark green raw vegetables, such as asparagus, broccoli and even citrus fruits and mushrooms.


The main function of zinc is to strengthen the immune system and carry out the synthesis of vitamin A. However, as the body does not produce the nutrient in a natural way, the best way to avoid zinc deficiency is to consume it on a daily basis. For women, the mineral is more important, especially during childhood, puberty and pregnancy. Zinc also helps in the maintenance of hair, skin and nails and in the production of retinol, a potent antioxidant for the body.

Remember that invest only in nutrient is not enough, you need to vary the menu and see the doctor whenever you feel symptoms of nutritional deficiency such as severe fatigue, headache and other recurring symptoms. Join WIC program and get free assistance for mothers and children. The same rule applies for the pregnant women. Any woman under WIC program will have assistance in daily food supply.

Teresa Martinez

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