Most Of Companies Are Cheating The Personal Injury Workers

 Most Of Companies Are Cheating The Personal Injury Workers

In all companies workers are hired with the promise, that the company will pay particular amount for the workers without fail per hour. At the same time, when the company rungs profitably owner is cheating the workers.

Paying low to the workers, at this time, all workers go to the owner and fight for their rights; owner simply refuses the rights and sending the workers back, or threatening the workers that he would hire the black workers for the less money. Black owner’s means, the workers are from different place and they are ready to work at the lowest price.

At this time, single person cannot fight all the group of workers should have to meet, workers compensation lawyer Fort Wayne and inform the problem the problem is easily solved by the advocate. Because the advocate is aware of all the employment rules and laws, he brings enough compensation to all the workers. That is the reason a worker cannot go and fight for his right. He has to collect all the other workers and he has to be the team leader of the workers and fight against the director of the company.

The company directors are having trick to call the workers, they simply advertise in the newspapers that company needs particular workers and their average pay per hour is some amount. Workers join the work and works hard. At this time, the owner refuses, there are no legal papers that he has promised particular amount to the workers. So the workers should have to ask for the legal agreement for the pay and in the US dollars. Not in the other cashes. This is the reason many people are unemployed and still searching job.

If a person has no job for one month he has to owe money from his friends and relatives. At the same time, if he is employed he can lend money for others without fail. This is the reason even seeing the newspaper ads workers are eager to apply and join the company without proper legal papers for agreeing to receive particular amount per hour, working forty hours and earning less money is shame for the workers.

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