Must have sauna accessories

 Must have sauna accessories

A sauna on its own is enough. However, having a few accessories can enhance your overall experience. Here are a few accessories you should consider purchasing if you have a sauna or steam room or if you regularly visit the public sauna.

Sauna thermometer

A sauna thermometer is essential because you must make sure that the sauna does not get too hot. You also need to be assured that the temperature in the sauna is not below the desired temperature. Go for a thermometer that is specifically designed for saunas. There are thermometers available that measure water vapor as well as humidity in the sauna.

Sauna bucket plus ladle

When you pour water over the sauna rocks, it does not only create a pleasant steam wave. It also heats up the room quicker. A sauna bucket is essential to have in your sauna instead of a simple water bottle. Sauna buckets can also deal with the high temperatures in the sauna and last for a long time.

Sauna backrest

Some people may say that a sauna backrest is a luxury item, but a good sauna backrest improves the overall experience by a lot. The sauna bench is not very ergonomic, which may trigger restlessness in the people using the song. The sauna backrest is designed in a way that it naturally fits your back arch creating a comfortable sitting position.

Sauna rocks

If you have a home sauna or if you’re planning to buy one, you should also get sauna rocks. Different types of sauna rocks are available. Some may be better than others. The sauna rocks should be able to quickly create the heat and maintain it as well.

Eucalyptus oil

Aromatherapy can set the mind in a relaxation mode. Eucalyptus oil has a huge role to play in aromatherapy. The smell of this oil is very effective in calming the mind and creating a relaxing atmosphere. There are many ways in which eucalyptus oil can be used for a sauna session. You can either opt for a dispenser that will spray the oil, or you can add a few drops to a little bit of water and pour water over the rocks. Alternatively, you can also spread the eucalyptus oil directly on the rocks.

Body brush

If you planning to scrub your skin when you are in the sauna, a sauna brush is what you will need. Natural brushes present in this brush act as a perfect means for gently scrubbing wet skin and removing all dead cells.

Body wrap

A body wrap is a used towel that fits nicely around your body. These are comfortable, very easy to wear, and can also be used for other tasks like pool and gym visits. Go for a body wrap that is durable and will absorb a lot of sweat.

These sauna accessories will come in very handy and enhance your sauna experience. For more information on the different sauna, accessories click here –

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