Online Tools That Come In Handy In Your Everyday Life

 Online Tools That Come In Handy In Your Everyday Life

Efficiency is one of the most important aspects of life – be it working in an office or at home and the same is brought to you by these online tools. Google Play or Apple Store — both have some apps in place that can put an end to almost any virtual problem of yours.

After desktops or smartphones were invented, several companies have come out with different applications that, one way or another, come in handy.

In this article, we will be talking about a few of the most important tools – from a PDF editor to a project management app – which will rescue you at some point in life.


If you are someone who has to communicate with clients regularly, Grammarly would be a lifesaver for you. Essentially, it is an application that screens a text to ensure that it does not contain any grammatical mistakes. 

When we are in a hurry or under a lot of pressure, it is common to misspell a word or misplace a preposition. Grammarly identifies these mistakes and prompts you with the correct alternative. 


In short, it is nothing but a note-taking application. However, it has revolutionized the idea of a notes app by incorporating extraordinary features like sharing the note with a colleague and tagging them in that space. 

Notion lets you create a personal space while simultaneously a professional workspace that you can share with your team members to keep them in the loop. It has made writing even more interesting by allowing you to change the font, add color, incorporate a new background, and so much more. 


If you need a PDF to Word converter, then PDFSimpli must be your go-to tool. Not only does it allow you to convert a PDF file into another format, but it also lets you edit and split the document. 


It is a navigation application that functions similar to Google Maps except for the fact that this is more precise. 

It offers you the correct routes keeping in mind the size of a car, bike, or bicycle while letting you know regarding the traffic, road construction as well as police presence. 


In this post-pandemic era, online shopping has witnessed a new peak of success. Due to the social restrictions, most people have decided to shop from the comfort of their homes instead of driving to the marketplace. 

Honey is a plugin that you have to install in your browser. As a result, whenever you open an e-commerce platform, it informs you of all the working coupons that item offers. 


Similar to Honey, Paribus also ensures that you get a discounted price for your products. However, instead of finding you coupons, it notifies you whenever there is a price drop for a particular item. 

Additionally, it also tracks the orders and makes it certain that you are aware of the money-return policies certain companies have on late deliveries.

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