Billions of people are using YouTube nowadays. You must be wondering how to gain views. And, appear in their view list. So, the solution to your worries is just very easy. You can buy YouTube views India to gain more views on your videos. In the initial stage, you pay for the views. But, further, it helps in gaining views organically. If you follow some basic rules then it becomes easy for you to gain views. 

Generally, people watch the most searched videos on YouTube. In the starting phase of your channel, it becomes difficult to gain views. Thus, you can invest in paid views to put your videos in the top list. So, you can buy YTviews India to reach that threshold. Above all, you must follow some tricks which will help in gaining more views organically. Some of the tips and tricks are as follows:

  • Creating playlists: Create a playlist of videos that have similar content. It is highly recommended to put the most-watched videos in a separate playlist. Playlists make it easy to find your similar content videos at a single place. It is also advisable to put brand-watermark in your videos. Brand watermarks are a call to action (CTA) icons. 
  • Using thumbnails: Thumbnails are another factor that impacts views. The thumbnail you add should give the gist of the video content. It attracts the attention of the viewers if a proper thumbnail is added. Use BOGY thumbnails. BOGY stands for blue, orange, green, and yellow. These colors are highly attention-seeking. Also, try to add a keyword on the thumbnail. 
  • Video description: You should use a proper description of your video. A detailed description is essential to grab YouTube’s ranking algorithm. The YouTube crawlers go through the description and look for the keywords. Try to include the target keyword in the first two sentences.
  • Other Video links: Add the URL or link of your other video in the description section. This will help you gain views on other videos as well. You can also add or embed links to other related videos in between and at the end of the video.
  • Keywords in title: Over the last few years there is a consistent pattern. People are more likely to see videos from suggested ones rather than searching for videos. To come under suggested videos you must use proper keywords and tags. YouTube goes through content metadata. Metadata includes title, description, and tags. You should check the popular channel’s title and tags for similar content. So, that you can come under competition.   
  • Attention seeking title: The title should be self-explanatory about the content. It should contain the most searched keywords to gain the attention of more audience. The thumbnail and title of the video should have a connection between them. You can also add a transcript in the description section if your video is very long. Generally, in the tutorials, people cover a lot more topics. But some people are interested in only a part of it. So, you should add a video transcript stating the duration at which a particular topic is discussed.
  • Regular posts: You should be consistent in posting the videos. Because the subscribers are regular viewers. If a person has viewed more than five or six of your videos but has not subscribed. The person will get a notification when you post a new video. Therefore, it is highly suggested to post at least once in a week to gain regular views. 

Our clients have bought our views and gained a decent number of views. After that, the above tricks have helped them to gain more views and subscribers organically. For more information feel free to visit our website – BuyYoutubeViewsIndia

Gill Daniel

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