Organization Tips for Your Public Storage Unit

 Organization Tips for Your Public Storage Unit

Nearly everyone will need to access their belongings in public storage at some point before their rental agreement expires. That means it’s important to consider how to place your items into storage before doing so.

Not only is an organized storage space much easier to access, it also makes your visit more efficient because you find what you’re looking for right away.

Decide Which Items You Need to Access While in Public Storage

Before you start bringing items to public storage, make a list with two columns. One should contain items that you know you will need to access while in storage and the other should contain items you don’t expect to need until you remove them from storage.

This will also help you prepare an inventory of everything you store. Some items you might need more than others include:

  • Seasonal clothing
  • Hobby supplies
  • Tools
  • Vacation gear
  • Holiday items
  • Office paperwork

Label All Boxes and Prepare a Master List of Contents

Once you have placed all items in storage boxes, be sure to label the outside of each one with what the box contains as well as a number. Preparing a master list of everything inside of each box can be useful, especially if you plan to store numerous boxes in public storage.

The list should have each box number in order along with a brief description of everything inside that box. Taking a picture of how you organized the boxes in the storage unit and referring to it when trying to locate an item can expedite the process every more.

Choose Same Size Boxes for Easy Stackability

Finally, consider using packing boxes the same or similar sizes. This will make it easy to stack them inside of your public storage unit and to locate what you need later.

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