Organizing Your Mudroom for Seasonal Success

 Organizing Your Mudroom for Seasonal Success

You can easily make the most of your mudroom by properly preparing it for the season. It can turn into a very daunting task especially during the snowy winter months. There are many snow accessories that can take up too much room leaving everything to be a complete clutter.

Having shoes and equipment scattered throughout your back hall does not appear attractive. There are a few ways that you can de-clutter and organize just in time for the winter.

Self Storage

Consider using self-storage to give yourself ample space in your mudroom. If there are any household goods that you can put in storage to create more space, you should definitely consider it.

There are many facilities that will rent out space on a short-term basis. You may pay month to month or opt-in for longer lease terms if available.

Consider Cubbies

Cubbies also come in handy if you are looking for supplemental storage. You can store mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, and other winter accessories in cubbies that are typically just built- in-box storage containers.

Try getting creative with cubbies that you can use in your kitchen. You can change the mudroom depending on the type of lifestyle you have in mind. Instead of using cabinets with doors, consider using open storage solutions.

Vertical Wall Organization

The smallest areas in your home are often the areas where you will tend to need the most space. Consider built-in miniature lockers or even closets for every person in your family.

Every family member should be able to keep their own personal belongings in one place. If you have no space for building large lockers, consider adding hooks or shelves to your walls so you can keep things off of the floor.


Teresa Martinez

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