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Overcenturies TV’s popularity has grown. Even in the present many social surveys reflect that the most preferred channel of entertainment and the way of keeping abreast withthe happenings around the world by way of News is brought by TV.In today’scontext where people are in a big rush attending to their needs and having little time left after theseTV is the best source of relaxation.

And to bring even more convenience and ease TV apps that could be installed in one’s favourite personal device such as the smartphone or a similar smart device.And here’s introducing one such App which stands out from the others as it got in it the most comprehensive and the widest of coverage. Talking about none other than the PEACOCK TV App with the best and widest offer on Streaming,Movies,Shows and other Telecasts. Here follows its amazing features in a brief summery;

Features of Peacock TV App

FeaturedTelecasts–News,Sports,Stream Movies,TV Shows, Serials,Bingeworthy originals.

Telecasts from the best studios–Focus features, DreamWorksAnimation, Universal and many more.Now isn’t this a great line up? Watch thousands of whatever from these super telecasts.

BOX OFFICE HITS – Watch Real Housewives,Punky Brewster, Rutherford Falls,Difficult People, The Girl in the Woods,Downtown Abbey,Botched,Girls 5 EVA,Bel-Air,DrDeath,Dan Browns Lost Symbol, All these super Peacock Original.

+ Full length serials of Harry Potter and many more of them.

PEACOCK CHANNELS – Catch all exclusive telecasts 24/7 from NBC News,NBC Sports,Fallon Tonight,SNL Vault,Today All Day, TrueCrime, Dateline 24/7.

LIVE NEWS– Brought before you from the most trusted and popular news channels like SNL,

E-News Plus Late Night,CNBC,NBC News. Be assured with the PEACOCK App all itsuserswill be in touch with the latest news from around the world.

SPANISH LANGUAGE – Telecasts Been sought after by many, PEACOCK TV offers a selection of the best TV shows and Newsfrom the top Spanish broadcasterTelemundo.

PERSONAL PROFILE – The App allows to set up to 6 personal profiles to give the users a super viewing experience.

STREAM–The popular premiums such as NBC Universal from Bravo,Marry Me,Yellowstone,SYFY,USA,Oxygen.

SPORTS–Catch live action from the favourites like Wrestle mania,Super Bowl LVI,2022 Winter Olympics watch each single event of it,premierLeagueSoccer, Supercross,INDYCAR.

LIBRARY – Enjoy the PEACOCK App’s well-organized library with easy access and reference.

It consists of Kids and Family entertainment listed.

With PEACOCK TV its viewers need not be tied down as it is on 24/7. No longer need the PEACOCK TV APP users stress and worry on having to miss out on what they want to watch. With PEACOCK TV in one’s personal smart device this opportunity is not lost. Watch from anywhere, anytime what you want and expect from TV. Amazing but Real.

Install Peacock TV on Android TV

Best Android TV app to watch Movies and TV shows. You can easily download and install peacock TV app from AppLinked or FileSynced. First install AppLinked apk and then find AppLinked code for Peacock app. You can do the same with FileSynced too. TV app stores like Aptoide TV does not has Movie apps like on FileSynced and AppLinked. Because AppLinked stores and FileSynced stores are maintained by users around the world.


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