Planning to buy a Bengal kitten? Here’s how you can avoid scams

 Planning to buy a Bengal kitten? Here’s how you can avoid scams

Bengal cats are adventurous and beautiful feline companions for home. This particular breed has gained immense popularity because of its unique look and conspicuous appearance. Also, the cost of Bengal kittens is much higher than the other breeds and the breeders are quite aware of this. They use this advantage to attract the willing adopters. To avoid jungle kitten scams, it’s important to avoid scammers, and here are the best ways how you can do that.

  • Ask for recent pictures and videos– When buying a Bengal cat, you should always ask the breeder to show the recent pictures and videos. Scammers usually make use of pictures from other websites or social media. Always check the watermark used in the images to verify the authenticity of the pictures.
  • Check up the authenticity of the breeder– If the breeder is real, then you can find their website and they’ll also be very much active on social media platforms. At times, the scammers make use of fake names and they also create fake IDs on social media channels to woo enthusiastic adopters. The best way to identify the authenticity of the breeder is by checking their website. You should be able to check their ratings and reviews on the search engines.
  • Exercise caution when paying with nonrefundable modes– Fraudsters will use multiple payment gateways for deposit purposes. This means that scammers will ask you to deposit through non-refunding payment options. Genuine and certified breeders will never ask you to deposit through non-refundable payment methods. Any reputed breeder will always want their kittens to get a safe home. If the person is too pushy regarding the sale of the kitten, you should avoid them!
  • Health checks– When buying a kitten; make sure you check their health thoroughly. Ensure that all the vaccinations have been done properly and they should be de-wormed. This should also include genetic checks. A reputed breeder will never allow the kittens to leave the cattery before 3 months at least. Before putting the Bengal cats Ontario sale, they’ll ensure that the kittens are fully strengthened, trained, and vaccinated. This is done to ensure that the kittens find a home for quick adaption.
  • The environment of the cattery– Another important thing to check is the environment of the cattery. It’s advisable to meet the breeder in person to check the health and sanitation conditions of the cattery where the kittens are being raised. The kittens should be well trained so that they can easily bond with their owners. Moreover, they should also socialize with people. If the kitten is too afraid or skittish, it reveals the kind of environment in which they have been born and brought up.

Considering the above points with due diligence is the ideal way to avoid the fraudulent Bengal breeders. Take references from friends or family who already have a Bengal kitten as this will give you an idea of the characteristics of the breed and you’ll also come across several reputed breeders.

Teresa Martinez

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