Poker and The Ways They Are To Be Played

 Poker and The Ways They Are To Be Played

The origins of the game of poker are not very clear, some think it resembles a blind game, others that the modern game of poker derives from a German game of the first 800 called “pochen” (show off). As often happens in these cases, the story is confused with reality, where the origins of the game are older than the invention of the written letter and therefore particularly difficult to document.

A long journey is what has been seen as the protagonist of a card game that in time always acquires new and particular ones that make it unique, the rules of modern Poker are not based on a single game but of the fusion of rules of different games, and that over the years it has been developed to later be the poker game that you know.

Poker is not just enough luck

One of the purposes for the huge success of the game of Poker online, is undoubtedly in its high level of competitiveness, unlike the vast majority of games of chance, to play poker not only serves you luck, you need a large dose of preparation before, during and after.

You can not only rely on luck, which of course is also needed as a base, but together with this it is necessary to have a basic training on the rules of the numerous variants, calculations of probability, statistics and not last of nerves of steel.

A good poker player is difficult to reach high levels only by telling about luck, a professional of this game almost never plays only for money, he does it to prove to others and himself his ability, who plays only with the In order to win it hardly brings home great results.

Do not think that a professional poker player is an impromptu who is very lucky, this is a subject that studies and forms, has an analytical mind and open to reasoning while actively playing at the game table, see that being a poker player does not It’s always all roses and flowers, it’s a very stressful activity.

It is very easy to envy the people who are at the green table and charge millions of “fiches” without knowing how or when, but above all why they have arrived there, the road that awaits who wants to become a poker professional It is long and tortuous and not free of falls.

Online poker and its countless versions

There is infinity of variants and situs poker online. Draw Poker, Stud Poker, Community Card Poker, Razz, Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud, Poker to Community Cards, Texas Hold’em and Omaha to cite the best known and played in the world.

In the United States in the early years of the 21st century the birth of online poker, and the inclusion of television cameras for the covered cards make the game of poker a success with incredible popularity.

With the appearance of regular online game rooms (with all the requirements to the law), numerous satellite tournaments have been born, where you can prove your own ability to seek to make stops in prestigious tournaments, where the registration fee, definitely out of the reach of a single player, and the ability of the participants were exclusive to few. New prospects have been opened for players, for example there are codes (such as the pokerstars marketing code) to play poker with exclusive promotions.

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