Pros and Cons Of A Self-Ordering Kiosk In Singapore

As a restaurant owner, the biggest challenge my crew face daily is the influx of people during peak hours. Situated near the offices, it is not surprising that office workers visit our restaurant for cheap but delicious lunch. The solution we took for this challenge was a self-ordering kiosk in Singapore.

Basically, a self-ordering kiosk is a self-service POS system in Singapore that allows customers to order and pay for their food without any contact with my staff, including the table servers and cashiers.

Based on my first-hand experience, here are the pros and cons of self-ordering kiosks:

PROS: Accurate orders

One of the issues I encountered managing a restaurant for more than 15 years was inaccurate orders. It happens when the customer can’t decide which food to order and keeps changing their meals. The server can’t keep up with the changes and jotting down the wrong order.

Sometimes it is the server’s fault. The servers are not too attentive, or they hear wrong, hence, jotting down incorrect orders.

Customers input their orders in the self-ordering point of sale system in Singapore. It is basically their fault if they order the wrong quantities or set meals since they have ordered them themselves.

CONS: Cost

A single self-ordering kiosk is not cheap. It is why we bought the kiosks one by one, so it does not hurt our pockets. Besides the entire unit and installation, these kiosks will also increase your power consumption. Moreover, you have to spend on its maintenance, too.

Thankfully, the PSG grant for the POS system helped reduce our costs. Find an approved vendor that provides PSG grants.

PRO: Optimisation of resources

Another advantage I got from a self-ordering kiosk in Singapore is it frees up my staff to do other things. For example, instead of taking orders, my three crew members can focus on kitchen work because the kiosks can do the ordering tasks.

It is helpful, especially if you have limited staff helping you manage your work. Or if one of your crew is on leave.

CON: Reduced labour

For some business owners, this can be an advantage. But if you will see it from a different perspective, hiring people means giving them a livelihood. You help your staff feed their families or send their sons and daughters to school.

The kiosks performing the repetitive tasks eliminate the need to hire more people. Indeed, it can save you money, but you also increase the unemployment rate.

PRO: Increase sales

Believe it or not, more people are willing to add add-ons to their orders with kiosks. It is because the display entices them to add more condiments or upgrade their drinks unconsciously.

Additionally, the more people you serve, the more profit you gain. This POS system in Singapore really increases your sales.

I recommend restaurant owners weigh the pros and cons of having self-ordering kiosks. By doing so, you can determine if it best suits your service or not.

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Clare Louise

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