Quick and Easy Fundraisers for Cheerleaders

 Quick and Easy Fundraisers for Cheerleaders

Being in a cheer group may be fun but not easy. The cheerleaders need to balance their time with studies and cheer practice. They need to travel to another place when the sports team needs to compete with other teams. There will be times the cheer group needs a new set of uniforms. Whether there is a need for a travel allowance or hotel accommodation, quick and easy fundraisers for cheerleaders will save the day.For help with your cheer fundraising, visit Fundraising Zone.

Car Wash Cheerleading Fundraising

A car wash cheerleading fundraising is a proven money-maker. There is no doubt that this fundraiser will be supported by the community. Following some important steps will bring success to this fundraiser.

  1. Find a good location.

A busy road is a perfect location for a car wash. Make sure there is a space where cars waiting can park. A water source is also a requirement. Make sure of the availability of the supplies like a long hose, buckets, sponges, chamois, car shampoo, and tire brushes. It would also be better if your cheer group can provide a pressure washer.

  1. Prepare the fliers, posters and campaign materials.

Use desktop printing for the print ad campaign to save money. Social media platforms such as Facebook can be used to advertise your campaign for free.

  1. Gather volunteers to do the actual car washing.

A good tip is to group the volunteers. Each group will be assigned a specific car washing task. The first group will pre-wash the car and vacuum the car interior, the second group will apply the car shampoo, and the third group will rinse and dry the car.

Car wash fundraising for a cheer group is an exciting way to develop the group spirit of the cheer squad.

Yard Sale for Cheerleading Fundraising

Yard sales are commonly done by schools to raise funds. But who says, cheerleaders can’t use the yard sale to raise funds for their squad? Start off with the cheerleaders by clearing their closets of unused clothing. Ask other members of the community to participate by bringing in their old stuff. Arrange for sale date and see the money rolling into your cheerleading fundraising campaign.

Pep Rallies for Cheerleading Fundraising

Who wouldn’t want to watch a pep rally? Organizing a pep rally is an opportunity to earn money, and at the same time boosting the morale of the team players before they compete for the games. The cheer group earns money by charging a small fee for the entrance.

Selling School Merchandise for Cheerleading Fundraising

Selling school merchandise to support cheerleading fundraising is one profitable idea to consider. The cheer group can help their school earn money by sharing with them a small profit.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie dough is a popular fundraiser done by most schools. However, this fundraiser can also be used for cheerleading fundraising. Find a good recipe for the cookie dough, and sell them to students, parents, and other members of the community.

Another way to do this fundraiser is to do a cookie dough brochure fundraiser. By using a brochure, you will avoid having to bring cookie dough and sell them face to face. The brochure will serve as an order taker. You will not have to overstock as you will only make cookie doughs based on orders.

Email Letter for Cheerleading Fundraising

Sometimes an email letter for cheerleading fundraising can provide you with the big bucks. A quick and easy persuasive e-mail letter to the rich and willing sponsors will do the trick. Search the community for local businesses and look for their email addresses. Offer them something in return for their donations.

These businessmen would more likely have free advertising of their business in exchange for their donations. Offer them free advertisement of their business to your cheer group’s monthly newsletter. A good way to advertise for free is by posting their business ads to your cheerleading fundraising Facebook page.


Cheerleading fundraising is a fun way to raise money for a cause. It doesn’t just raise money for the cheer group, but it also develops teamwork among the cheerleaders. It also teaches the squad the value of camaraderie, friendship, and leadership. To the sponsors, they learn the true value of charity and sharing.

There are plenty of quick and easy cheerleading fundraising ideas you can find online. In fact, you will find hundreds of them. You will also find professional fundraising consultancy firms that can help you organize a cheerleading fundraising campaign. They also give out free fundraising kits for your fundraiser.

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