Run your fundraising for cheerleaders like the Experts

 Run your fundraising for cheerleaders like the Experts

A new game season is fast approaching, and the cheerleaders are busy preparing. The cheer squad needs new uniforms for the games. Where will they get the money? Relax! There are plenty of options for fundraising for cheerleaders.

With the internet full of cheerleading fundraising ideas, your cheer squad will never run out of fundraisers to support their annual financial needs. Read on, and learn how to run your cheerleading fundraising ideas like the experts.  For help with your cheer fundraising, visit Fundraising Zone.

Brochure Cheerleading Fundraising

Utilizing a brochure is an expert way of running a cheerleading fundraising campaign. Instead of selling products face to face for a fundraiser, you can use a professionally designed brochure to sell your products. Remember, you don’t have to sell sophisticated products for a fundraiser.

The key to a best-selling fundraising product is simplicity. The simplest products are the ones that are easiest to sell or pre-sell. Food is one of the best products to sell in fundraisers. Snacks like cookies, popcorns, nuts, etc. are the ones most people love to buy. They are inexpensive and handy.

On the other hand, products like gift wrappers, candleholders, and other season-themed gift products are profitable as well. The choice depends on what the cheer group decides. Whatever products your cheer squad tries to sell, make sure that they will satisfy the taste and expectations of your potential donors.

Remember, your brochure will do the selling, so make sure you design a professional one with a great pitch.

Let’s take a good look at some of the best and profitable cheerleading fundraising for the cheer squad.

Gourmet Snacks for Cheerleading Fundraising

Gourmet snacks are light snacks that anyone can bring to school or the office. There are plenty of gourmet snacks that can be sold to support the cheerleading fundraising. With a good brochure design and a delicious list of snacks, your fundraiser will surely bring in quick dollars.

For the list of snacks, you can sell the following:

  • Malted milk balls
  • Cajun Cracker mix
  • Roasted cashew
  • Chocolate Pretzels
  • Caramel corn covered with chocolate
  • Gummy bears

Cookie Dough for Cheerleading Fundraising

Cookie doughs are not actually snacks but are ready-mixed doughs for baking. But of course, when baked they can be delicious cookies for snacks. There are three kinds of cookie doughs you can sell with the brochure.

  1. Cookie dough mix – a ready-mixed cookie dough ready for baking. Mold them into an ideal size and bake.
  2. Pre-portioned cookie dough – this is the better version of cookie dough mix as it is already molded into pieces. It is ready for oven baking.
  3. Edible cookie dough – the no-cook cookie dough. This cookie dough doesn’t have to be baked. You can scoop it right away from its container and eat. It’s just like delicious ice cream.

Cookie dough cheerleading fundraising is a profitable and tried fundraiser. Try to sell the following delicious flavors with your brochure:

  • Chunky chocolate chip
  • M&M candy cookies
  • Peanut butter cookies
  • Oatmeal & raisins
  • Sugar cookie

Popcorn for Cheerleading Fundraising

Popcorns can be easily flavored and quick to sell. It’s an all-time favorite during a movie marathon and watching a sports game. Many fundraisers have tried, and so, there’s no reason for your cheerleading fundraising not to succeed.

For the delicious popcorn flavors, try to sell the following with your brochure:

  • Three Cheese
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • White Cheese
  • Buttery Caramel
  • Cinnamon Toast
  • Plain Salt and Butter

Gift Wrap for Cheerleading Fundraising

Selling gift wrappers are best timed during a Holiday season. It is because gift-giving happens during Holidays. Your cheerleading squad may choose the Christmas season for your gift wrapper cheerleading fundraising campaign. Sell at least four designs for your brochure.

Candleholders for Cheerleading Fundraising

Candle Holders are also nice products to sell. They can also be perfect gift items. You may buy clear glasses for candles and design them yourself. Make samples and take high-quality pictures for your brochure. You may also buy inexpensive ready-made candleholders from a dollar store. You may start your candle holders for cheerleading fundraising during Halloween.


The brochure cheerleading fundraising, as just what the experts say, is profitable. The key to this kind of fundraiser is constant promotion. The brochure design will also make a great deal in selling your products. Product choice is also an important part of the fundraiser. Your cheer squad wouldn’t want to sell low-quality products. This is especially important when choosing food products. The food products must be delicious to satisfy the sponsors. Fundraising can be a complicated task. If you need some expert advice on cheerleading fundraising, you may search the internet.

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